Sunday, November 10, 2019

11/10/2019, HOUSE MOUNTAIN #161

Howdy, y’all!

As a side note, to yesterday’s article, “11/9/2019, Saturday Soliloquy,” I had hoped to get up to the homeplace, to do some work, but my “bionic” left shoulder that is ricocheting, into my back muscles and, especially, left hip, did not agree. So, I let my left shoulder win, this time only!

Today is our niece's birthday. (If “sister-in-law” is correct, then way don’t we say “niece-in-law?” She is my sister-in-law’s daughter! I digress, of course.) Earlier today, for our niece and for all veterans, especially the veterans, in the Fearghail clan, I hiked House Mountain #161, alone, again, as usual!

It is still too warm, but the weather was sunny. Any day in the woods is better than not! Enjoy the photographs!

The above was all that was left of me! Why did I wear my short sleeve hiking shirt? The T-shirt would have been enough. This is my usual photograph, on the west bluff. It took me 34 minutes, from start, to the rock that I touch. One of these days, maybe, I might get back, to a 24-minute time. My “bionic” right foot and right knee still don’t allow me to be anything more than a lame mountain goat.

The above photograph was on my way back down. The west bluff is above me. There were way too many pine beetles, attaching themselves to me, on this quite warm day.

I forgot to take a photograph of my new, ol' truck! Sorry, ol' truck! I was trying to figure out how to get out of the parking spot, with all the vehicles around us! Ol' truck, please forgive me! Thank you! (My ol' truck had said, “You are forgiven!”)

Speaking of pine beetles, look for my next article. It will include deeper musings, as inspired by The Beatles’ song, “The Fool On The Hill." You don't want to miss it! Keep turnin’ right and goin’ straight out there!

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