Sunday, November 17, 2019


11/12/19, Tuesday, while almost home from my work-a-day, my veteran brother called me back and left voice mail on my cell phone that was hooked on my belt next to my right hip. I was almost home. Therefore, after having arrived home and having played in the yard with Molly doggie, I called him, from the landline (from which I’d left him voice mail on 11/11/19 Veterans Day). My veteran brother is doing well enough, and he understands the “fool” on the hill everlasting perspective, as I thought he would!

Oh, 11/12/19 was also the day of the “November blizzard” that almost “killed” everyone in upper East Tennessee, as the weather folks sensationalized it! The low was a balmy 18 degrees Fahrenheit. The high was a “tropical” 28 degrees. We may have had about two inches of snow. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, of course, had a “snow day” off. She didn’t build a “snow doggy” with Molly doggie. She didn’t make and toss snowballs for Molly. She stayed inside! Wow! I would have taken Molly doggie hiking on House Mountain, busted up such as I am. My “favorite” sister-in-law called in the evening, and I answered. That’s how I found out that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman ran a low-grade fever during the day! Thanks, “favorite” sister-in-law, for letting me know!

11/13/19, Wednesday, was work-a-day for me and two-hour “where is the snow now” “snow” delay for Mrs. Appalachian Irishman.

11/14/19, Thursday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman worked and left a bit early, to take her father to a medical appointment. She honors her father. I remember taking Dad to and from his Johnson City appointment with Dr. Sholes. Then, I went in to work my second shift job or my flexible shift job, whichever one it was at the time.

11/15/19, Friday, was a shock! The wife of my youngest brother had to have an unplanned outpatient surgery, to repair the, as I assume, incorrectly done first surgery on her left foot. She has, as far as I know, no additional metal in her foot. I think that the surgeon fixed the metal that was already there. She had to be cut on again though.

11/16/19, Saturday, was a “rich, full” day, for me: trash haul, haircut, truck wash, Tractor Supply, truck oil change (and cabin air filter replace), and truck gas. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had her usual IGA trip. The previous was followed by the arrival of the “Comcrap” technician. He replaced the out-dated equipment in the box on the side of our house, and he gave us the new remote we’ve needed. Good job!

11/17/19, Sunday, today, we thought we might go to my hometown, to see youngest brother and family, etc., but he had too much going on, and darn if my “bionic” body parts were not “talking” to me today, after all the “fool” on the hill “fun” that I endured last week!

When’s supper dear? Good night, y’all!

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