Saturday, November 09, 2019


Well, evenin’, y’all! Do you think them thar Louisiana Tigers will whop them thar Alabama Elephants? We’ll see.

This was a technobabble, “interweb” win bunch of “fun” week!

11/4/19, Monday: Singh, from Jaipur, India, established that my Norton protection and computer speed was as good as it can get, until “Microcrap” gets more money out of my back pocket, to upgrade to “Winders 10.” I like what I have. Why are you stopping support in January? Oh, yeah, you want even more money!

11/6/19, Wednesday: my Yoder’s Store Tonic that I’d ordered on the “interweb” on 11/1/19 arrived! I “interweb” commented a good note to their “interweb” blog guy’s blog. (See WordPress, below.)

Today, 11/9/19, Saturday (hence, the “Soliloquy” title; it rhymes): I got on that thar “interweb” again! I set up my savings account that Papaw Ferrell started for me when I was a boy, when the bank had another name, to “talk to” our local bank! Hey, now I can transfer money from local bank to my Papaw Ferrell savings account, without the need to make a deposit in person! That’ll keep my Papaw Ferrell savings account from going dormant again! For years, even decades, I’ve had to send the postal letter, telling the savings account folks not to send my account to the State, as an unclaimed property! No more! Hey, I’m into the last part of the 20th century, finally! (Oh, by the way, later today, I set me up a WordPress blog account, to bring in even more “millions” of readers to this my blog!)

Of course, I should have been born in 1860. Then, I could have been “my own grandpaw!” (You know the song!)

Y’all keep turnin’ right and goin’ straight out there!

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