Monday, April 06, 2020

4/5/2020, SUNDAY, UPDATE (published 4-6-2020)

Well, howdy, y’all, to my “millions” of readers! Okay, I’m a day late, posting on 4/6/2020. I man had to eat supper last evening!

Three weeks have passed. I know that you have been “sitting on pins and needles” awaiting the next entry. At long last, here it is! Enjoy!

3/16/2020, Monday, Mrs. Appalachian started her work-at-home, every now and then, reality, as a vice-principal/teacher, while Sevier County Schools are closed indefinitely, due to coronavirus, or, as it’s being called nowadays, COVID-19 virus. At first, the school closure was two weeks only. Well, we’ll see if face-to-face classes start this fall!

3/17/2020, St. Patrick’s Day, a fine day for any Irishman: after my work-a-day, a fine friend, since grade school, nicknamed Gator, called! We haven’t talked or visited in a few years. His wife and he are in my hometown now! Great! (Oh, 3/17/2020 was also every-four-week chiropractic “fine tune” appointment, for both of us, as usual.)

On 3/21/2020, Saturday, “Gator” drove down here to visit us! His wife decided to stay home. We visited, drank coffee, and talked, as two mountain men do, for about three hours! As long as “Gator” and his wife are nearby, we’ll see more of each other now! Afterward, in anticipation of starting to work at home, I purchased and brought home an L-shaped desk, and a couple of other items, to start working at home.

3/22,28,29/2020 (Sunday, Saturday, Sunday): the L-shaped desk, in the 33-step process to put together, is almost done! The missing bottom parts for two desk drawers are supposed to be on their way. I fought Office Depot/Max, by phone, until I was blue in the face, but I WON! Modern, robotic, insufficiently staffed, “customer support” is NOT what it should be nowadays!

3/24/2020, Tuesday, on my father-in-law’s 82nd anniversary of his birth, was my LAST day driving the 16.4 miles one-way to the office, in Maynardvegas! Utilizing a borrowed card table for three days, I have been and am working at home, since 3/25/2020! It’s much easier to walk a few steps from my bathroom to my home office than to drive to/from work, passing, to/from, the crossroad, where, on 3/29/2016, the dip wad, age 18, uninsured girl failed to yield to my right of way.

Saturday, 4/4/2020, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I, in my new ol' truck, went to Lowe’s, very bravely, to purchase flowerbed stuff. Afterward, again, very bravely, we bought groceries at the IGA. Oh, yes, everyone was trying to stay six feet apart. Some were wearing masks. We were not. It was too warm! I suppose that we have survived!

Palm Sunday, 4/5/2020, my beloved House Mountain parking areas are CLOSED. Huge trailers and signs block the two parking areas! Thus, I had no hike #168 this afternoon! I thought about parking on the shoulder, to hike anyway. No one can close the woods! Wisdom dictated, however, that an officer might place a ticket on my ol' truck windshield or toe him off, while I was in the woods. Instead, my ol' truck had a Gibbs wash, and I helped Mrs. Appalachian Irishman with her front porch flowerbed work. Oh, by the way, Molly LOVES her new front porch flowerbed resting spot! She did a job on the immaculate work that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had done! Good doggy!

My next article will focus on the coronavirus/COVID-19 virus, in a historical perspective. Until then, I hope that this country doesn’t die economically, as we try to avoid a nasty common cold virus.

Supper time! Y’all keep turning right and going straight out there!

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