Sunday, April 12, 2020

Homeplace, Target Shooting, & Yard Work, on Saturday, 4-11-2020 (published 4-12-2020)

Yesterday, Saturday, 4/11/2020, the weather was still cool enough and sunny. (The morning frost was refreshing!) With power continuing in my body, I drove to and from the homeplace, in Hawkins County. My good friend “Gator” and my youngest brother arrived. The good neighbor from across the road came by to visit, on his 4-wheeler. (I shook his hand! The “govrmint” spies didn’t see us do so!)

We set up targets and did some target shooting! The last time that I'd “pulled a trigger” was on 4/20/2019 -- the Saturday between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Yesterday, I was determined to shoot again! I am determined to target shoot more this year! The three of us had a great time, shooting and talking!

Next, we cleaned up the trimmings, which my youngest brother had cut upon his arrival, using his gas-powered saw trimmer. The yard looks a little better now. I must do more work, to get the yard back to how it looked, before my 3/29/2016 “life event” (about which I’ve written before).

My youngest brother was delayed, due to the unfortunate passing of one of his wife’s aunts. Well, it was fortunate for her, since she went Home. The unfortunate factor was the Resurrection Sunday weekend timing of her passing, for those of us who are still here.

My ’06 Frontier got a photograph! The view looks west in the back yard. I’d piled a few sticks from the yard in the tailgate. Other hand tools for yard work and a bottle of water that we didn’t shoot are also in the tailgate. The yard had been moved a few days ago. I give T&C Lawn Service a high recommendation! We have used their service for years.

The above is a good photograph, taken with my trusty Samsung, not semi-intelligent, phone camera! (Over the years, I’ve used my Samsung phone camera to take most of the House Mountain photographs.) The view is southeast, with most of the back acreage in view. You might be able to make out our shooting spot toward the back middle of the image, near the closest trees and before the wood line. It’s to the right of the fishpond.

Of course, this article is published on Resurrection Sunday (“Easter” to most folks). Yesterday, I noticed the wind increasing and the small clouds, which brought today’s rain. So, here I “sot” (as Dad would say) writing.

By some twist of logic, the “govrmint” thinks that closing churches to face-to-face worship but not grocery stores, liquor stores, and so forth is wise. I hear that some preachers have been arrested or threatened with arrest, for practicing the God-given right to worship, in a face-to-face congregational gathering.

I understand “illegal” church assemblies. We held them in Russia, during our time there, from 1994 to 1999, when the Russian Orthodox Church used the Russian government to try to restrict us. They lost. God won. We were on God’s side. Stay on God’s side. He is the majority. Even if you stand alone, you are in the majority. I hope to get around to writing about the coronavirus, now called the COVID-19 virus, soon, maybe later today.

Oh, by the way, I have big news! The birthday of my brother, closest to me in age, was on 4/9/2020, Thursday. It was a remote work day for me. We played phone tag a couple of times. Today, I finally reached him by phone! We talked about 45 minutes, starting at 4 PM! His family and he are enduring the “COVID-19 insanity” well enough. He remembered how “Gator” saved his life, when we hiked Devil’s Nose, back in the 1970’s. He has phone numbers for “Gator” now. I’m glad that they will be reconnecting.

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