Sunday, April 12, 2020

House Mt. #168, 4/10/2020: Good Friday & Mother-in-Law's Birth Date (published 4-12-2020)

On Good Friday, being off from work, I had to do what I did, since I still have power in my body. (The will in my spirit will be present, even after my physical death, when I’ll hike heaven’s mountains!)

The birthday anniversary of my mother-in-law, who has gone Home, was the same day. House Mountain hike #168 was in her honor. Of course, as a free American, the parking area closure was not relevant. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman drove me to and from “my mountain” in the car. (Apologies to my new, ol' truck!)

Enjoy the photographs!

This is a bit blurry. Sorry! I've taken better photographs at this spot! This is on the ridge trail, heading east, after I’d already climbed the west trail, to the west bluff, which took me 34 minutes. Just as I started up the west trail, I met a family, going up as well. The parents had a young son, who was hiking with two walking sticks that were braced to his arms. Their son’s nickname was “Big John.” Big John, about age eight, was doing fine, and I told him so! Never give up! I know.

This is going up a rocky area that I know very well. I’m getting close to the upper middle bluff now. I’d passed the lower middle bluff.

On 12/25/2013, Christmas Day, hike #99, while I was alone and near the lower middle bluff, I spoke, by cell phone, with a fine man, who owns property on the north side of the mountain. A game warden and he had been at the lower middle bluff a day or so before. With credibility, he stated that they both saw and heard a panther near this location, which I have passed through many times since.

Ah, I'm at the upper middle bluff, looking west. The west bluff, where I timed my hike up, is visible. The weather was cool enough and sunny. This Appalachian Irishman had his prayer and worship time with the Good Lord, again, as usual. Remember, in the long term, the “good, bad, and ugly” (with an apology to Clint Eastwood) will be placed into everlasting perspective, once we get Home! Again, I concluded that it was better for God to have created than not to have created. Do you wonder what I mean? You may understand. If not, ask me sometime!

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman awaited me, after my hike, to the right of this photograph. She was in the car, at the side of the road. A few vehicles are parked farther to the upper right of this image and are not visible. I did meet a few brave Americans who, in defiance of the governor’s unconstitutional order, hiked as free citizens anyway! Yes, we exchanged sarcastic barbs! Stay free!

This is a view of part of the “govrmint” attempt to prevent free people from hiking freely, in the woods that never close! One cannot park in the upper or lower parking areas, but one can hike! The woods cannot be closed!

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