Sunday, July 12, 2020


Independence Day

“Saturday, in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July.” That’s a good song. Due to my “cowardice,” I didn’t spend Saturday in the park, hiking. I’ve hiked in hot and humid weather many times, before and after “bionic” body parts. I didn’t feel the need to sweat a T-shirt, as if it had been washed, to change into a dry T-shirt, after such a hike – last weekend. Next time? Well, look for a future article!

I did, however, buy my rights to my website – to demonstrate my independence! is a backup link now. My website is now! I own it for the next ten years! Of course, if I’m still here at boot camp in ten years, I’ll renew my ownership for another ten years and so forth. The Good Lord knows how many decades I have left, before He calls me HOME!

Sister’s Call

Did y’all know that I have a sister? Yes, I do! She has about eight years on me. No, Mom and Dad didn’t have a daughter. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I lived in Missouri, from 1986 to 1994, before we moved to Russia (1994 to 1999). My sister and I adopted each other then! I AM her brother. She IS my sister. We are not related biologically. We are related in spirit! Her family and she are of Irish stock, predominately. I am too.

My sister called in the early evening of 7/7/2020. We talked from 6:52 PM to 8:33 PM, 1 hour and 41 minutes! Her mother and I talked a while also. Her mother, my adoptive mother, is age 90. My sister and I hadn’t talked in a while. It was a great conversation! The miles are distant (about an eight-hour drive, one way), but our spirits are side-by-side!

My adoptive sister and mother have endured a great deal of trouble, in this boot camp world. I have also. We endure, by God’s grace and by our stubborn and strong Irish wills!

One topic of our fine conversation was about the racial tension in this country. I will NOT address the minutia on the topic. Anyone -- who was raised correctly, by godly parents, and who follows the Good Book – should KNOW the answer to the tension. My sister and I agreed, of course.

She and I continue e-mail contact also. On 7/8/2020, she e-mailed a reference to an article that I link here. (That’s one place where I found it.) Some details of that article do not appear to be correct, as can be found. One link is here.

The Irish, however, were slaves. The difference between “indentured servants” and “slaves” is nothing more than a quibble, used euphemistically. The Irish were slaves. The proof, from two articles of others, is here and here; I ordered the book.

As I’ve written before, black, white, red, and yellow have ALL been slaves. We MUST ALL follow God’s law! ONLY then will EVERYONE get along well enough. Do not be enslaved in your mind.

As an IMPORTANT aside, a free couple, in a once free nation, has the RIGHT, by law (God’s as validated by our Second Amendment) to DEFEND themselves against THREAT. I am glad that some are STANDING with them! I STAND!

Sister, let’s see when our families can meet around the Nashville area soon! Until then, you ARE my sister. I AM your brother. We stay connected, in spirit and by phone and e-mail!

Myopic Insanity

I have written what I have written on the new cold virus. I have moved on. I wish our once great nation would too.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman took her father to a medical appointment, on 7/9/2020. She does NOT wear a mask when she is WITH her father, every day, at his home. She was WITH her father at the medical office. The IDIOTS made her wait in the hot car. (She said several others, including the very elderly, were doing the same, for the same reason.) The IDIOTS would NOT allow her, or anyone, to stay in the building WITH a relative, such as her father, who had an appointment – EVEN WHEN SHE WAS, or they were, WEARING the mask that she, or they, came in wearing, as my father did. That’s one example of myopic insanity.


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was able, FINALLY, to get a high dollar “haircut” at her “barber,” yesterday. Her last “haircut,” delayed by this new cold virus, was on 11/23/2019. As far as I could tell, about an inch of hair is gone. That little gray area is colored. The cost was – well, I’d better not say. Her usual “haircut” would have been about February, but her “barber” could not be in business. Then, her “barber” re-opened, with the restrictions, but the appointments were booked, until yesterday. That’s actually another example of myopic insanity.

Oh, I’m into week six, instead of the usual four, for my haircut. My barber seems to be focusing on his other income stream more. He still cuts hair, but his hair-cutting business is taking a clipping. I might get a haircut Thursday. We will see.


I still haven’t understood why folks post photos of their food, on social media websites. I eat my food.

Speaking of which, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman just came into my home office and cleared her throat. Okay, dear! I’ll stop to eat supper – without taking a photo of it first!

Y’all turn right and go straight out there – please, unless you’re doing so already! If you are, then good! Keep going!

Postscript: this is my after supper digest entry, while I digest my supper. (I love a good play, on words!)

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