Friday, July 03, 2020


Well, good evening, y’all! Today is Independence Day Eve. Well, we used to have freedom and independence, based on the Constitution, which is derived from a person’s God given rights. I’m not feeling very independent this evening. Are you? Strike that! I AM a free man, in my soul, by the freedom God gave me, as a man created in His image. We all are, male and female. I STAND, therefore, as a free man, in a once free nation.

Today, on Independence Day Eve, the Knox County Board of Health, effective 7/3/2020, REQUIRES face masks. I was one of the violators today, while hauling trash and getting gas. I was in the MAJORITY. In fact, I did NOT see even one person wearing a mask. I saw many at both locations, especially going in and out at the gas station convenience store. To be “fair and balanced,” Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, who did the grocery shopping, stated that the majority wore masks, including her.

I’ll sidetrack a little now. I hear the slippery slope argument in the minds of readers, who do not agree with me. They have rebuttals, such as, “The government requires vehicle child restraints, seat belts, hands free use of phones, speed limits, firearm carry permits, zoning regulations, permits of many types, etc.” I would add, “Etc., etc., ad nauseam.” That’s the slippery slope, as readers who agree with me see. Shall we slide further down the slope? Many Americans are NOT taking care of their health. Many do not exercise much or at all. Many over eat. The slippery slope logic concludes that government, to protect us “poor idiots,” MUST MANDATE exercise and proper diets, with monetary penalty and/or confinement, in a diet and exercise facility, for violators. Why not? Slip down that slope all the way! Many laws and regulations exist, because folks do NOT have enough common sense to do what’s right. (No, the wearing or not wearing of a mask is neither right nor wrong morally. It is a subjective choice. Don’t try that “protect others” argument, to try to bully me. I can rebut it very easily.) Many, in this once great nation, are losing their common sense at an astonishing rate, if they ever had it. Worse yet, many are losing their sense of morality, if they ever had it.

I will NOT debate the so-called science that argues with itself, on the benefit or lack of benefit, regarding wearing a mask in public areas. Yes, medical folks wear masks for many reasons. I’m glad that the skilled surgeon who repaired my three smashed joints wore a mask when he pieced me back together. Science has merged with politics, however. I read so-called scientific “experts,” on both sides of the mask, who “reason from science” that masks benefit or don’t benefit, in the context of this new cold virus.

Even Dr. Fauci has spoken out of both sides of his mouth on the subject. I mentioned this in my article of 5/15/2020. That article references “Tucker Carlson: We Didn't Appoint Fauci Dictator During This Crisis,” on RealClear Politics, by Tim Hains, 5/13/2020. In that audio-video and transcript, Tucker Carlson presented two segments. In the first, Dr. Fauci encouraged mask wearing (at 4:59 into the audio-video). Two months beforehand, Dr. Fauci had discouraged mask wearing (at 5:40 in the audio-video). Of course, the propaganda machine is winning the mask wearing war.

Also, I will NOT comment further on Corona Myopia. I’ve moved on. Most of my articles, from 4/19/2020 to 5/24/2020 were on the topic. I, however, can’t help but take a parting shot! Tennessee total 2020 COVID-19 deaths to this 7/3/2020 entry are 620. Tennessee total 2020 traffic deaths to this same entry date are 507. (Note: the numbers are from TN COVID-19 Dashboard, as of this date.) I know it is apples to oranges, but it still makes a point. Where is the daily obsession by the politicians and in the media on the daily traffic accident numbers, number of traffic accident recoveries, and number of traffic fatalities? I have moved on, as well as I can, from the Corona Myopia Obsession, which is the laser focus of politicians and the media (which includes social media).

Let’s track back to the main point. There are nine Knox County Board of Health Members. The Knox County Board of Health Members are NOT elected officials. The Knox County District Advisory Council (DAC), whatever that is, appoints six members. The Mount Vernon City Council, of which I’ve never heard until today, appoints the other three members. Board members have five-year terms. They have no term limits.

Taxation (i.e., the 7/3/2020 mask wearing law by unelected bureaucrats) without representation (i.e., our ability to elect those bureaucrats) is tyranny. Do you remember any similar history? I will NOT allow bureaucrats, who were NOT elected, to impose their TYRANNY on me! DON’T TREAD ON ME.

It’s suppertime, as per Mrs. Appalachian Irishman. Let’s eat, in a healthy manner, with proper portions! I’ll do my usual stretching and muscle exercises after supper.

Postscript: I had finished this article just before suppertime. My youngest brother, his wife, and their two daughters made a short-notice, surprise visit after supper. Well, that was a pleasant surprise! So, approaching bedtime, I’m posting this article now. Good night, y’all!

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M. Fearghail said...

I must correct my 7/3/20 link: Knox County Board of Health Members are NOT elected officials (,are%20five%20years.%20There%20are%20no%20term%20limits). “Gaggle” tricked me! That link is to Knox County Ohio, not Tennessee! I offer my apology.

From the 2019 KCHD Annual Report (, “the Knox County Health Department is a division of Knox County government under the supervision of Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs. The Knox County Board of Health serves an advisory role.” This is the correct state (Tennessee) this time! (The Mount Vernon City Council is in Ohio!)

My link to the nine Knox County Board of Health Members ( is correct for Knox County Tennessee. Six are appointed. Two are elected: Glenn Jacobs, Knox County Mayor, and Bob Thomas, Superintendent, Knox County Schools. This mostly unelected, county bureaucracy voted seven to one in favor of the required face mask wearing, under penalty of $50 fine or 30 days in jail. Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs was the only "no" vote ( against the “taxation without representation” violation of MY God-given rights.

I make public correction of my factual errors, of which there are few. I wonder when the media (TV, internet, print, social) will begin to be as honest.