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Our Niece Passed on My Age "6" Birthday & Daily Life Continues (published 7-26-2020)

Greetings, and good Sunday afternoon, dear reader. I hope that you are turnin’ right and goin’ straight in your life!

This article, in sadness, comments on the passing of our niece. It also notes the usual “life, such as it is,” in daily life. The conclusion will encourage everyone to be ready, when it's our time to pass on.

Passing of Our Niece, on My Age “6” Birthday

Since the most recent article, of 7/12/2020, the profound shock was the unexpected passing of our niece, at age 36. She was the oldest daughter of my brother, who is three years younger than me.

Having attained the age of “6,” on Friday, 7/17/2020, I had taken the day off from work, at the office. My brother called that morning. He wished me a happy birthday, as a side note. His main reason to call was to tell me that his oldest daughter had died, unexpectedly, in her sleep -- at approximately 2 to 4 AM, on my birthday. At least I’d taken the day off work.

Our niece had been healthy. She had no known health trouble. We still don’t know why she passed. We hope to learn the reason why, in time.

Her husband, his young adult daughter, and their three teenage daughters (ages 13, 15, and 17) must endure the reality of our niece’s passing. My prayer is that that they will do so, as they draw closely to each other and even more closely to the Lord.

On Thursday, 7/23/2020, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I attended the funeral home visitation and the graveside service, which followed. I was a pallbearer. My youngest brother was one of the two ministers. A storm, which we had seen coming, started, after the graveside service had ended and as folks was starting to leave.

The Lord knows the date and time, for each of us, when we leave this world, to transition to everlastingness. We don’t. Our niece left this world too early in life. Of course, we know that people can pass early in life.

The main point is: be ready to go Home, whenever it's our turn! I’m ready. Are you? If you are not, dear reader, then please use the “Contact Form,” on this website, to send me a personal and private email. That will begin the process. I want to help you get ready, if you would like my assistance. I'm just one poor beggar, who found the Bread of Life, and I'm willing to share the Good News.

Daily Life Continues

The following are chronological notes, since the 7/12/2020 article, about life going on (such as it is), within the context of the passing of our niece.

7/16/2020, Thursday: During a work at office week, I left an hour early, to get a much needed COVID-19 compliant haircut. My good barber has a second line of income. He is focused on that now, since his hair-cutting income has been taking a COVID-19 compliant “clipping” (pun intended). He works on Thursday only, by appointment, for now. I had a fine haircut, as usual.

7/17/2020, Friday: see my previous remarks, about the untimely passing of our niece. On that day, I also started the process that will result in the refinancing of our home mortgage. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are close enough to owning our home. The refinance will speed up the payoff. By the way, the loan officer, a fine man, and I share the same birth month and day. He’s twelve years younger than me. Maybe, one of these days, he will try to keep up with me, if we hike “My Mountain” together. We’ll see.

On that day, we also received a letter from our current president. It seems that he values our opinions greatly. He wants us to comment on his survey. He, by the way, needs our campaign contribution – at least $15, to cover the cost of his letter to us. Hum. I’ll have a bit of fun with my reply to him, in a few days.

7/18/2020, Saturday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman attained the age of a ’57 Chevy. Her “semi-intelligent” phone had the white screen of death. After some effort, on Saturday, 7/25/2020, with help from Cindy, at Straight Talk Wireless, I remembered how to reboot her phone! It works! I saved a document, to help me remember how to reboot it. (Several years ago, in my “pre-bionic” life, her phone, or mine, had the same problem. I’d forgotten how to fix the white screen of death. My excuse is that, on 3/29/2016, my one brain cell had a significant concussion!)

7/20/2020, Monday: this was supposed to be my week to work from home. I had to drive to and from the office, on Monday only. (It was due to some type of work insanity.) Also, I received, in the mail, my Tennessee “Real ID!” It has the little yellow star on it. That makes it “real.” On Tuesday, 7/7/2020, during my work at home week, I had taken leave, from 8 to 9 AM, to go to the Knox County Clerk office (Halls location). I was the first in line, about 7:40 AM. Yes, I had the required mask. After several others had formed in line behind me, at 8 AM on the dot, I walked in (as I’ve been able to walk, since 6/16/2016). I went through the hoops and paid the money to get me one of them “thar” newfangled “Real IDs!” I got a temporary one that day. On 7/20/2020, my plastic “Real ID” arrived in the mail!

Question: if my driver’s license -- which I’ve had since age 16 -- has not been a “real ID” for all those years, then how have I been getting along? Were they fake IDs? Well, I have a “Real ID” now! It’s just a way that “govrmint” scams more money from us, folks! Oh, well, at least I did not pay extra, for my “Real ID!” I paid the normal cost of renewing my previous, and apparently fake, ID!

Note: the County Clerk’s office was “allowed,” by COVID-19 regulations, to open again, on 7/6/2020. I’d known that for several weeks. I waited. I was patient. I beat the bureaucracy, by paying the same price, to renew my “fake” driver’s license, for a “Real ID!”

7/22/2020, Wednesday: our contractor and his associate arrived here, after my work day, at home, was over. Both are fine men, about my age, a little younger. We talked about various details. The contractor and I signed, on the tailgate of my new ol' truck, the agreement, which we had already made, verbally, eye-to-eye, and with a handshake. His work and eventual full payment starts on Monday, 7/27/2020. His crew and he will do a fine job, on our deck and other work. (I may publish a few photographs, once the job is done.) After they left, the storm hit! We have had storms or rain every day, until today, Sunday, 7/26/2020. We had needed the rain.

Our contractor is the only one, of four contractors, whom I’d contacted, who seemed to want to make some money! It’s his win. It's a loss, for the other three contractors!


It’s 5:15 PM, at the typing of this sentence. I’ll finish and publish this article, before Mrs. Appalachian Irishman comes into my home office, to tell me that supper is ready.

On Friday, 7/17/2020, the day that I attained age “6,” our niece, at age 36, left this boot camp world, unexpectedly and far too early in life. I hope that she was ready to meet her Maker. Life, such as it is, has to and does continue on. We endure, by God's grace.

I’m still standing here. I ain’t breathin’ hard. I’ve taken up the Good Lord’s free gift offer. I’ve tried to live in appreciation of His free gift. I’ve been a full-time evangelist and missionary. I’m still a missionary, under the maxim that “you’re either a missionary or a mission area.” Unfortunately, I don’t have the option to be supported in full-time ministry.

So, for all readers out there, if you have not taken up the Good Lord’s free gift offer, please do! To readers, who have already taken up His free gift offer, y’all keep turnin’ right and goin’ straight out there – in appreciation of His gift! The Lord knows the date and time, when each of us will leave this world. We don't. We must be ready.

It's 5:52 PM now. I’m hungry! When’s supper dear?

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