Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Election Day, 11/4/2020, in the Context of Veterans Day, 11/11/2020 (published 11/11/2020)

Well, this is the second article, on Veterans Day. The first article, today, was about my hike, on House Mountain, on Sunday, 11/8/2020.

This article combines two topics. The first is about the recent election. The other is about Veterans Day.

Election Day, 11/4/2020

Election Day, 2020 -- in the context of the months, leading up to the day, the day itself, and the ongoing follow up -- is an indication that a once great nation is now a “banana republic.” I used to watch the 24-hour “fair and balanced” station, an hour or so, in the evenings. I don’t follow the details, as some do. My good friend, Jim C., keeps me updated, by his emails.

To my understanding, the “vote early and often” gang must have done well. The puppet string socialist, Biden, has won, apparently. Trump, and his allies, might be able to force a valid recount. The dirty tricksters, however, seem to have won it, for the Puppet. Of course, the Puppet, unless he is enhanced by whatever medicine he’s given, doesn’t know, for what office he ran, in what state he is, and so forth. His vice-president could become president eventually, if the Puppet resigns or is declared unfit for office.

I had a brief phone conversation, with the daughter of my wife’s sister yesterday, on her birthday. One of my remarks was that I’d keep doing my best, in this “mad, mad, new world, in which we live.” It wasn’t my usual sarcastic humor. I was and am serious.

I will continue to stand, as a free man, in a once great and free nation. As Dad said, for many years before he passed, “this country is about gone, boys.” Dad was right. I am right. Dad stood. I stand.

Okay, that’s enough of “poly-tics!” Let fast forward seven days, to today’s date – Veterans Day.

Veterans Day, 11/11/2020

I wish that this once great nation would act right and live up to the sacrifices of so many veterans – many gone and many still living. Veterans love this nation. So many in this nation do not.

In the name of freedom, veterans, I thank you for your service to this nation! You are still proud and tall, in your honor, and by our honor to you, on this day and every day.

It’s just after 5 PM. I have just enough time to call my veteran brother and my veteran friend “Gator,” before supper.

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