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“WALLY-WORLD FUN,” 11/14/2020, SATURDAY, IN “LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS” CONTEXT (published 11/22/2020)

 “Life, Such As It Is” Context

On 11/22/2020, Sunday, early in the morning, I start to write this article. (The nearby rooster quit crowing finally.) I’ll finish writing in the afternoon. My 11/21/2020 House Mountain #174 hike didn’t cause my right foot to “talk to me” at all! My left shoulder, however, for some reason, is asking me, "what the heck did you do to me yesterday?" Well, I’d take the right foot’s “conversation” any day. I’m used to it, after a hike. The left shoulder is a new “conversation,” unless I jammed another rib. I’ll get past it. Just give me time, or an unscheduled chiropractic appointment.

Last workweek (11/16 – 20/2020), my schedule started out: work at home Monday, Tuesday, and Friday but at office Wednesday and Thursday. Well, at 6:11 AM, on Wednesday – just after I’d done my usual stretches in bed before getting up and then taken my morning “outhouse” water extraction – the office manager called our landline. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, who leaves for her work about 6:30 AM, answered the phone. I was splashing water (from the sink, mind you) on my face. It seems that one or two of the ones, who work from home daily (or one who works from home daily and the other, with whom I alternate in the home or office work ongoing insanity) had internet at home trouble. One or both would be working at office. I could work at home. Well, that was good! (I won one that time, at least.) Later, on the same Wednesday date, I had the offer to work the rest of the week at home. I took up the offer. The difference is: for this Thanksgiving (Monday through Wednesday only) short workweek, I work at office all three days, instead of on Wednesday only, as had been the arrangement. I have to balance my work at home all five days last week, to work at office the three workdays this week, according to the insane schedule, apparently.

I figured that the reading of the above paragraph would make your head spin! It’s the mad, mad, new cold virus, work at home, or office, schedule insanity gone wild!

On Monday, 11/16/2020, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had our usual, every-four-week, chiropractic adjustments. Our chiropractor is the associate partner to the chiropractor, who owns the business location. The owner chiropractor was at work. It was good to see him. (His wife is the office secretary.) He is holding his own, in his known-to-us health challenge. Our ongoing prayers are with him.

Of course, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman still braves the new cold virus world, by driving back and forth to her vice principal/teacher job. My “used to be favorite” sister-in-law still “bravely” teaches on the Interweb at home.

On 11/17/2020, Tuesday, my youngest brother “texterated” me (i.e., sent me a text), regarding their oldest, in high school, daughter. Her high school girls’ basketball first game of the season was at 4:30 PM that day. The next day, my youngest brother “texterated” me, to indicate that the team had won by one point! My articles on 2/9/2020 and 3/15/2020 were about the success of the Bulls Gap Middle School Lady Bulldogs. Our niece was a starter. 2020 started out as a good year. Of course, the Corona Myopia was just getting started at the time. I’m glad that my high school freshman year (1974) was not encapsulated by a new cold virus. I regret that our niece’s is.

Yesterday, 11/21/2020, in the late evening, my wife’s youngest sister drove in from Nashville, to stay with my in-laws, who live three miles away. I speculate that my wife will be granted permission, by the “mask mafia,” to visit her family in person, for a few days at least. I was right! At the 2:57 PM time of this writing, my wife hasn’t been gone that long ago to visit there today! I knew it.

I wonder how many still go to church, physically. Church, for many, is either home church or virtual church. The context, of course, is Corona Myopia. We are in home church mode. Church, on many Sunday afternoons for me, is in the woods.

Wally-World Fun,” 11/14/2020, Saturday

Whew! At least we got past that life context extended introduction. Now, let’s get to the “Wally-World Fun!”

I don’t care for “Wally-World” shopping. Y’all feel free to make my opinion your own. The last time that I went to a “Wally-World” (in Halls) was on 9/9/2017, to buy the stepper that I don’t really need now. (Anyone want a free stepper? Mrs. Appalachian Irishman should but doesn’t use it anymore.)

In 2011, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I acquired new Samsung cell phones, for about $90 each. That was before “semi-intelligent” (or so-called “smart” phones) came along. Mine still works fine and takes good photos. Hers had been giving the “white screen of death,” as I called it. Bravely, therefore, we endured a two-hour “Wally-World” experience, on Saturday, 11/14/2020. The location was the one near the former East Towne Mall, or Knox Center Mall – that will become the new whatever it becomes eventually.

The following is a photo of my phone that still works great.

I had already done the Interweb research and had the phone conversation with the in-store Straight Talk (Verizon) representative, who, by the way, enjoyed my Irish wit. The parking lot and store were packed. I located a safe enough parking spot, about a quarter mile walk from the entrance. I stated my usual, “mask off; mask on, as a no longer free man, in a once free and great nation,” as we entered. Most folks and all employees were mask wearers. A few folks were not. Everyone, including me, was touching and adjusting masks.

The Straight Talk (Verizon) representative in store had delays, trying to get the Straight Talk technician, by phone contact, to set up my wife’s new phone correctly. Needing to get outside, to breath without a mask on, I took a break outside. A mask strap came loose. I stood outside and, using my pocketknife to poke a new hole, I accomplished a country boy improvised strap re-attachment, talking with myself in my best hillbilly all the time. (I hope the folks passing by were amused.)

After almost an hour, the representative had my wife’s new phone set up most of the way. The next photo is her new LG Flip cell phone. (No, it is not a “semi-intelligent” phone. I won’t own one. The “guvrmint” and whomever else likes to track how long it takes you in the bathroom, etc., even if you shut off the tracking feature. I know. I’ve seen TV documentaries and read legitimate articles. Also, I don’t want a bulky, large screen phone!)

The LG phone cost about $30 only. How much did you pay for your latest “semi-intelligent” phone?

With our shopping cart “tank” ready, we next shopped for a few household items and groceries. At 3:06 PM, I used my cell phone to call the “Wally World” number. Nine checkout locations were present. Three were open. I suggested, in my Irish manner, that opening a few more checkouts might help. We checked out and arrived home. Yes, as we left “Wally World,” I stated, “mask on; mask off, as a free man again, in a once free and great nation!

At 5:10 PM, I had managed to set up my wife’s new LG phone the rest of the way. Once again, I won. Modern technology lost.

The weather was warm, but it would have been a good day to hike. I should have hiked in the woods, instead of around “Wally World.” My right foot and knee took the pounding on all that concrete and tile much better than I thought. I was glad to get off all that hard surface area, however, since the right footstep still feels different. Day by day, the footstep gets closer to normal – very slowly.

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