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First, a short prequel: I estimate that I will have a full article, eventually, regarding all the details and delays that my mind and various notes recall that pertain to the 7/27/2020 start to the -- should have taken a week only -- 10/27/2020 finish of the work -- deck repair/replacement, driveway/front porch/rear door landings/siding pressure washing, and area of rotting wood on southeast rear door exterior door frame – that took THREE MONTHS to complete. I will wait, however, until a very dreary weekend to do so. You should find that future article entertaining. The contractor, and his various subcontractors, and their sub-subcontractors, will not.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I had obtained vehicle oil changes (car and truck), within minutes of each other, on Saturday, 8/22/20. (I wrote about it.) Yesterday, on Halloween, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was over 3,000 miles on the ’08 Honda Civic. So, the car had another oil change, on Halloween. My ’06 Nissan Frontier has only about 1,000 miles since the mutual vehicle oil change date. It is the Corona Myopia insanity, of course.

My 10/26 – 30/2020 workweek was work at home Monday, Tuesday, and Friday but at office Wednesday and Thursday – doing the SAME work that I CAN do at HOME. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, as opposed to her teach-at-home sister, drives back and forth to work, daily, without the carpooling with her sister. It’s Corona Myopia insanity, of course. At least my ‘ol truck doesn’t need an oil change yet.

Blue Moon Halloween 10/31/2020

Dang it! I should have gone hiking Saturday! The weather was almost perfect – still too warm but getting cooler.

10/1/2020, Thursday, and Halloween marked full moons in October. Why is it called a blue moon?

Well, on Halloween, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had the “spooky” oil change on the car, and then she spent about “$1,000,000” at the IGA for groceries. I mean, really? Can’t the price of a week of groceries stay at least about $100? It used to be about $60. It climbed slowly. The Corona Myopia drove it to $100 a week. Now, the number punches the $150 range. STOP IT!

After hauling trash, I figured that my Georgia Bulldogs would beat the Kentucky Wildkitties, as they did. My error was that I didn’t go hiking. Instead, I decided to take about three hours to clean out the garage, front porch area, etc., at the house. Well, I got work done, and Molly had some fun with me. My right foot did NOT enjoy that much time on the concrete. My right foot, and I, would have enjoyed three hours in the woods much better.

By the way, 10/31/2020 was Molly doggy's birthday! She’s an age 5 “ol' puppy” now! A former work colleague and still friend, and her husband, had found Molly, on Halloween, in 2015. Molly wasn’t too many months old yet. Well, we got Molly later that year – on 11/21/15, which was the month and day that Papaw Ferrell passed, in 1970. Molly doggy had a fine birthday!

We didn’t turn on the front porch light, as usual, for the trick-or-treaters. Only a few come around anyway – in this small, somewhat rural subdivision. I think about three groups got candy from two neighbors with porch lights on. Halloween ain’t like it used to be! I have a few stories, from childhood! Well, I might write about them eventually.

“Guvrmint” Time Done 11/1/2020

Did y’all roll back them thar clocks Saturday night? I didn’t. I waited until Sunday morning early – for all them thar clocks, timers, gadgets, etc.

Well, we’re finally done with “guvrmint” time another year! Papaw Ferrell never did like the time change. He called it “guvrmint” time. I was age 10 when he passed, at age 90. I remember!

I had hoped that the weather forecasting folks would have been wrong. The sky Saturday morning looked like rain in a day or two. I figured two. The weather folks figured one. They were right, and I was wrong – on a very rare occasion. The overnight to early morning rain ended. The very windy wind continued. I almost hiked Sunday afternoon, knowing it would be a bit muddy and very windy. (Listen for trees cracking! One might be falling toward you!) As the “lazy bum” that I am, I stayed off the trail that afternoon. I thought that I’d write y’all this here letter instead. I hope that you enjoy it.

What time is supper dear? Let’s see is it 7:15 PM or 6:15 PM? Dang, I don’t know! I’m hungry! I’m coming to get beef jerky soon, unless you tell me supper is ready! You’re on 15-minute supper overtime!

Monday, 11/2/20, update: I had planned post this article yesterday. At 6:15 PM, regular time, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman remarked, “it’s ready!” Well, that led me to the eatin’ area fast! Afterward, we enjoyed some “indoor Molly doggy” time, before bed – Mrs. Appalachian Irishman about 9 PM (or was it 10 PM). I hit the hay about 10 PM (or was it 11 PM)? 

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