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FEARGHAIL NIECES - PRIDE IN BASKETBALL AND LIFE (published 2/21/2022; article #299)


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My latest article on the entitled topic was on 1/30/2022. I called my youngest brother yesterday, His wife, their two daughters, and he were at a tennis court. His wife and their daughters were trying to figure out how to play tennis! My brother was resting on the sideline. Who knows? Tennis may be the next topic of pride!

The Rogersville Review Article

The elder daughter of my youngest brother and his wife had a photograph included, in The Rogersville Review, 2/2/2022, Wednesday, Midweek Edition, page 3B. The article is “Lady Chiefs Drop Pair to Cocke County, West Greene,” by Randy Ball, Review Contributor. Remember, you must have a paid subscription to read the article!

The photograph, below, is from the link, above. It is one of ten photographs in the article. Randy Ball takes great photographs, and he writes well.

2021 - 2022 Basketball Season

I can't find, on The Rogersville Review, WRGS Radio, the Cherokee High School, or the Bulls Gap Middle School websites, the 2021 - 2022 Cherokee High School Ladies Basketball season scores or the Bulls Gap Middle School Ladies Basketball scores. The administrators of those websites need to do better!

On The Rogersville Review, 2/16/2022, Midweek Edition, page 4B, by Jim Beller, Sports Editor, I did, however, see that the Cherokee Lady Chiefs basketball team were 11 - 18 overall and 1 - 7 in conference. The Cherokee Chiefs (boys) basketball team, unfortunately, were 0 - 26 overall and 0 - 8 in conference. (Remember, you must have a subscription to read the article.)

Well, the Cherokee Lady Chiefs did much better than the Cherokee Chiefs (boys) team! That's the way to show those boys, ladies!

Up Next?

The speculation is that the next sports adventure, by the two daughters of my youngest brother and his wife, may be tennis! That's great!

I played bench, mostly, on the church basketball league, when I was in grade school. I hadn't hit my growing spurt yet! I did play in a game or two.

I was an outstanding pitcher, on the church softball league, when I was in grade school. Just ask “Guru!” No one thought that they could strike him out! I did!

Well, that was back in West View Baptist Church days. Those were great days! I remember. I may write more later.

I took a course in tennis, when I attended ETSU (East Tennessee State University), in 1982 to 1983. I played many fierce and competitive tennis games, with friends, back in the day. I think that my “bionic” body could still play tennis well enough. I recall when the surgeon, who repaired my damaged left shoulder, right knee, and right foot, told me that I may never swing a tennis racket over my head again. I've been able to do that for about five years now!


Well, on 2/1/2022 and again a few minutes ago, I tested negative, on a made in China test, to test me for the China virus. I was just having some fun with it!

I am not a negative person! I have positive and evidence-based faith hope – in the everlasting! Do you understand? Would you like my help? If so, use my “Contact Form,” to email me. We can sip and drink coffee a while, as we discuss deeply spiritual topics.

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