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POLY-TICS UPDATE – IF YOU'RE INTERESTED (published 2-13-2022; article #297)


On Sunday, 2/6/2022, at 4:48 PM, as I had begun to start to finish this article, finally, I had been glad that the weather had turned sunny, for a few days! It was too warm, but Saturday, 1/5/2022, was cool enough! On that Saturday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I did our life, such as it was, usual errands and chores. I, finally, got another “best clips” haircut. Thanks, Tony! It had been seven weeks (since 12/18/2021). My '06 Frontier finally got another Synergy Auto Wash (Halls) hand washing. It had been eleven weeks (since 11/20/2021).

On “Supper Bowl” Sunday, 2/13/2022, at 2:07 PM, I suppose that I'll get this article finished and published. I do not like writing “poly-tics” articles. I must, however, get this one out of my system. I've been stewing on it for about a month.

Poly-Tics, by Source

(1) From Common Sense, by Bari Weiss, on Substack, she has five other writers, aside from her. They want money to read the articles. I do not pay to read the articles. I just get emails, on articles that one of the six writers publish. I can read the articles, in the emails, without cost. They are often good articles.

(a) The 1/14/2022 article is by Nellie Bowles, staff writer, Common Sense: “TGIF: The Pope Is With Us.” Subtitle: “Plus: A rough week for Biden. Trans swimmers face off. And reasons to be optimistic.” The article includes a link to a Bloomberg Quicktake Twitter link that links to the 1:56 PM, 1/10/2022, “tweet” that has “the Pope” talking.

On or about 1/15/2022, I researched and found the original source, at the Vatican website. “The Pope's” 1/10/2022 remarks are titled “Address of His Holiness Pope Francis to the Members of the Diplomatic Corps Accredited to the Holy See” (copyright © Dicastero per la Comunicazione - Libreria Editrice Vaticana).

As of 2/13/2022, I don't recall why I found this interesting. I had started this “Poly-tics” draft, on or about 1/15/2022, so I'll publish this at least. I think that “the Pope” made some remarks against “cancel culture,” whatever that is.

(b) The 1/14/2022 article, by Nellie Bowles, staff writer, Common Sense (in previous link also) includes information on the USSA first President Biden's rough week, his low job approval rating, the “Supreme” Court's decision that defeated, mostly, his vaccine mandate, inflation, and various points on Corony Myopia Psychosis (as I call it).

You can sign up for emails, to read the articles without cost, as I do. It may or may not be worth your time.

(2) The new cold virus (“Corony virus,” as I call it) injections are being given based on race, apparently. I do not list the various website links here. The news made the headlines, back in January 2022.

I have moved on. I wish this once great nation would move back to the good Lord's common sense!

(3) On 1/8/2022, apparently, a University of Pennsylvania female swimmer, who thinks she's a man, and a Yale University male swimmer, who thinks he's a female, made the news.

If you are still interested, the NBC News link is here. The Fox News link is here. As I've written before, one either has an “innie” or an “outie.” An “innie” is a female. An “outie” is a male. The insanity is obvious. These folks have lost their moral bearing and have lost their common sense!

(4) A 1/8/2022 article, by Mitchell Baker, CEO of Mozilla Corporation, is titled, “We Need More than Deplatforming.” I prefer the Firefox browser. I have the Microsoft Edge browser. I can get the “Gaggle” browser. I like Firefox.

Mitchell Baker, apparently, is working on “cancel culture,” at the Mozilla Corporation. I am watching you, Mitchell Baker! I may find a better browser (not MS Edge or “Gaggle”)! I may cancel my use of Firefox. You can't cancel me. I own this, my website!

Wisdom, by Phil Robertson

Phil Robertson, of “Duck Dynasty” fame, as I have mentioned before, has his Substack website. He, as a godly, Christian man, makes real sense. His articles are free. You can subscribe to them. I will link to four of his recent articles:

(a) “The End of American Civilization as We Know It,” 1/5/2022 article.

(b) “My Challenge to You in Post-Christian America,” 1/12/2022 article.

(c) “I’m Not a Politician, But Here’s My Agenda,” 1/26/2022 article.

Note: my 2/6/2022 comment on a comment was: “That was the exact thought that came to my mind, on 2/6/2022, after I read this Phil Robertson article! 'Spot on, my brother!' -- AMEN!”

(d) “American Entitlement Culture Comes Home to Roost,” 2/3/2022 article.

Note: my 2/6/2022 comment was: “The free will, moral, choice remains. The key word is 'IF.' 'IF' folks in this once great nation, in majority, turn to God, or 'IF' the majority of folks keep turning left and going wrong. Turn right and go straight, America! Are you listening, America? I pray and hope so! Sadly, most folks seem to hear but not listen, with understanding. We will see.”

Unborn Baby Murder at Year 49, Sadly

On 1/22/1973 (when I was age 12), the USA “Supreme” Court determined, in the Roe v. Wade decision, that the legalized murder of unborn children is fine – in this once great nation.

On 1/22/2022, the forty-ninth year of the legalized murder of unborn children was marked, sadly.

The March for Life website has historical details about the forty-nine year effort to stop the murdering of unborn children. I recall the pro-life group that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were in, when we lived in Charleston, Missouri (1986 - 1992). I have spoken and written on the subject many times. I continue to do so now.

At least the children, who are murdered in their mothers' wombs, live on in heaven. They were murdered, before they could live long enough to understand right and wrong. They died as innocent children. I wonder how those, who still affirm unborn baby murder, will die – to face the heavenly Supreme Court.


Poly-tics is temporal minutia. The USSA “Supreme” Court is temporal minutia.

The heavenly Supreme Court will be everlasting reality. Death, to face God, in everlasting judgment, is the ultimate acknowledgment of Truth.

Do not allow the temporal deceivers to blind you from the coming ultimate acknowledgment of Truth! Come soon, dear Lord. Come soon!

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