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FEARGHAIL NIECES - STILL BASKETBALL PROUD (published 1-30-2022; article #294)


Howdy, y'all! I hope y'all are doing well enough out there – in your various nations, including the USSA. In the last seven days, my website has been read by folks, as follows: United States (USSA) 201. Turkey 91. Germany 27. France 24. China 7. United Kingdom 5. Indonesia 5. Netherlands 4. Russia 3. Singapore 3. Australia 2. Canada 1. Czechia (Czech Republic) 1. Denmark 1. Hungary 1. Ireland 1. (Come on Ireland! Do better!). Italy 1. Myanmar (Burma) 1. Sweden 1. Other 14 (unknown nations).

My last article on this topic was on Sunday, 12/19/2021: FEARGHAIL NIECES -- BASKETBALL PROUD! (published 12-19-2021). Win or lose, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are proud of our two nieces (daughters of my youngest brother and his wife). Our nieces, as young ladies now, are growing up, on the solid Rock of godly and Christian values.

The Bulls Gap Middle School Lady Bulldogs' 1/11/2022, Tuesday, Game

Our youngest niece is mentioned, with a photograph, in the Saturday - Sunday, January 15-16, 2022 Weekend Edition, of The Rogersville Review! The article (page 2B) is “Lady Bulldogs Struggle in Loss to Boone[s] Creek,” by Jim Beller, Sports Editor. (I assume the photograph and the caption below the photograph are by Jim Beller.)

The article states that another young lady “and Lilliana Ferrell each scored seven to lead Bulls Gap.”

I wish that the newspaper listed the 2021-22 complete list of games and scores, for all Hawkins County grade school, middle school, and high school teams, but it does not.

Neither the Bulls Gap Middle School website, nor the Cherokee High School website, list ladies basketball games and scores. Newspaper articles give us scores, by games on exact dates, but the newspaper does not list the cumulative games and scores, per team.

WRGS Helped (a while)

The website for my hometown radio station, WRGS, helped a while. On the weekend of 1/8-9/2022, I found, on the WRGS website, the 2021-22 Cherokee Girls Basketball cumulative results! (The WRGS website was down, as of today, 1/30/2022.) The following is what I found three weekends ago. Notice that no dates are listed.

2021-22 Cherokee Girls Basketball Results

1. Cherokee-24, at West Ridge-65

2. Cherokee-65, at Unicoi County-61

3. Cherokee-62, at Hampton-72

4. Cherokee-62, Tennessee High-41 (Hardees Classic at David Crockett)

5. Cherokee-27, David Crockett-53 (Hardees Classic at David Crockett)

6. Cherokee-46, Daniel Boone-49 (Hardees Classic at David Crockett)

7. Cherokee-54, Tennessee High-39

8. Cherokee-38, at Knox Gibbs-37

9. Cherokee-29, Volunteer-48

10. Cherokee-35, at Cocke County-72

11. Cherokee-54, Claiborne-50

12. Cherokee-56, at Hancock County-35

13. Cherokee-41, at Chuckey-Doak-44

14. Cherokee-47, Glenwood, Alabama-36

15. Cherokee-47, Glenwood, Alabama-46

16. Cherokee-11, Volunteer-61

17. Cherokee-37, Hancock County-27

18. Cherokee-40, at Tennessee High-41

19. Cherokee-34, West Greene-36

20. Cherokee-28, at Greeneville-70

21. Cherokee-57, Chuckey-Doak-30

Friday, January 21: Cherokee at Volunteer-6:15 pm

Tuesday, January 25: Cocke County at Cherokee-6:15 pm

Thursday, January 27: Cherokee at West Greene-6:15 pm

Friday, January 28: Cherokee at Claiborne-6:15 pm

Monday, January 31: Grainger at Cherokee-6:15 pm

Tuesday, February 1: Greeneville at Cherokee-6:15 pm

Friday, February 4: Knox Gibbs at Cherokee-6:15 pm

Tuesday, February 8: Cherokee at Grainger-6:15 pm

Thursday, February 17 – Tuesday, February 22

District 2-3A Basketball Tournament at Greeneville-TBA

The eldest daughter of my youngest brother and his wife plays on the Cherokee High School ladies' basketball team. I write to honor her, now, as I have honored her younger sister, in my comments that I made above.


I have enough phone conversation with my youngest brother, to understand how well our two nieces are doing, in their basketball games for this season. Both are going very well, playing with proper spirit and skills, despite winning or losing.

The Fearghail clan is proud of our two Fearghail nieces – not only in basketball, but, more importantly, in how they are becoming fine, Christian ladies! I hope, in time, that their spiritual influence will assist many family, friends, and folks. We, as Christians, all win, in the end!

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