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I still have a “Poly-tics” article in rough draft. I will publish this article first, as my third article today. “Poly-tics” can wait a few days!

Irish history and heritage come first! That heritage should be and is, for many of the Fearghail clan, based on biblical morality.

The 50th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday is Today

“Sunday Bloody Sunday” is by U2, the fine Irish group. One of many YouTube links is here. Drink some coffee, or Irish coffee, as you read the rest of this article!

Irish Central is a good source, among others, for Irish heritage – especially for those of us Irish, who miss the old country.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of “Bloody Sunday,” January 30, 1972. Read the Irish Central, “What Actually Happened on Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland?” by Oisin Feeney, Contributor, @IrishCentral, Jan 29, 2022. It will make an Irishman sad, as it did me.

But Wait! The Irish are not Down! Irish Fisherman Defeated the Russian Navy!

Enjoy the following Irish Central article! “Irish Fishermen Defeat the Russian Navy,” by Shane O'Brien, @shamob96, Jan 30, 2022.

Yes, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I lived in Russia, from 1994 to 1999. While there, a fine friend and brother in Christ, who passed on, in early 2000, called me his “Russian-American friend.” He used “Russian” before “American” – as he considered me Russian first then American. We visited Ireland, for two weeks, in 1998. We enjoyed time in County Longford.

I'm glad to know that the Irish fishermen stopped the Russian navy – well, at least this time! The Irish do not back down.

County Longford

Irish Central tells me, today, what I have known many years! Are you still sipping that coffee or Irish coffee?

Enjoy reading “What's your Irish County? County Longford,” “All the basics - and some fun facts - about County Longford,” by Jane Walsh, @IrishCentral, Oct 14, 2016! The following are a few details from that article.

Nickname: The O'Farrell County, The Slashers”

A brief history: Before the Norman invasion in the 12th century the territory was know as Annaly (Anghaile in Irish), Tethbae or Teffia (Teabhtha in Irish) under the Farrell clan.”

The article has much more information. It is worth reading!


The Fearghail clan originated in County Longford, Ireland. My lineage, in the clan, can be traced back to John Ferrell, Sr. (born 1780). The lineage goes back farther, to County Longford, but my fellow clan members can't yet trace back farther than to John Ferrell, Sr.

Roots are important – especially moral roots, based on godly values. Do you have the proper roots? I hope so. If so, keep up the heritage! Do not back down!

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