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9-17-2022 Football Review: Georgia Bulldogs compared to TN Vols (published 9-18-2022; article #358)


In yesterday's article, I'd joked about how Dad, if he were still alive, would “devil” me, by rooting for the South Carolina “Game Chickens,” while I rooted for my Georgia Bulldogs. The idea for this article came to me, while taking my morning shower. I often get ideas for articles, while taking a shower. Could someone tell me why that happens? (Insert smiley face emoji here.)

The TN Vols (or Vowels, as I often call them) played their football game, against a “high school” team, after my Dawgs whipped the “Game Chickens.” Let's review the two games and compare the recent history of the two teams!

9/17/2022 Review

Georgia vs. South Carolina, 12 PM

The Georgia Bulldogs (9/18/22 AP/Coaches #1) beat unranked South Carolina, in Columbia, 48 to 7. I had the game on two TVs and on desktop computer by live stream internet! During halftime, I published my article, hauled trash, and bought a couple of items at Advance Auto Parts. The game was a joy to watch! I blinked, or was on errands, and missed a few Georgia touchdowns!

I felt a little sorry for the unranked “Game Chickens.” They tried, but they were no match for my Dawgs. The Georgia Dogs website article, “No. 1 Georgia Dominates South Carolina, 48-7,” 9/17/2022, 4:00 PM, has all the details.

Georgia dominated completely. Great win, Georgia! GO DAWGS! An SEC road win is always good.

Tennessee vs. Akron, 7 PM

The Tennessee Volunteers (Vols) (9/18/22 AP #11, Coaches #12) beat an unranked and totally outclassed “high school” team – The University of Akron (Ohio) Zips – at home, 63 to 6. Yes, Zips is their name. The game was on streaming services only. We didn't stream it.

The UT Sports website article, “No. 15/16 Volunteers Zap Zips, 63-6,” 9/17/2022, has the details. Yawn. The Vols destroyed their second “high school” opponent this season, as they should have.

Before TN “Vowels” fans get too excited about the victory, the Go Zips (yes, that's the name) website lists the Zips' win - loss record, by year. The Zips' last winning season was in 2015. In 2020, they were 1 win, 5 losses. In 2022, they were 2 wins, 10 losses.

Also, remember that Florida (9/18/22 AP #20, Coaches #22) comes to town next Saturday. I remember, when I was a Vols fan, too many bad games, when Florida beat Tennessee.

Recent History

From 2015 to 2021, Tennessee had:
     four winning seasons (2015: 9/4, 2016: 9/4, 2019:
          8/5, 2021: 7/6)
     and three losing seasons (2017: 4/8, 2018: 5/7,
          2020: 3/7).

In those same seven years, Georgia had winning seasons every year: 2015: 10/3, 2016: 8/5, 2017: 13/2, 2018: 11/3, 2019: 12/2, 2020: 8/2, 2021: 14/1. My 1/16/2022 article praised my Dawgs on their 2021 College Football Championship!

Vols fans have to go back to 1998 for their latest College Football Championship. I remember watching that game on TV, on 1/4/1999 (a Monday). Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I were in Tennessee, on our final, annual, six-week furlough from Russia. We were in Nashville, at the apartment of her youngest sister.

The NCAA article, “College Football Championship History,” 1/11/2022, lists champions from 1869 to 2021. Tennessee is listed as national champions in 1951 and 1998. Georgia had national championships in 1980 and 2021.


During the 2017 and 2018 football seasons, I had thought about changing. I kept sipping the orange Kool-Aid. In 2019, however, I gave up on the Vols. I decided to root for the Georgia Bulldogs! The decision was a little strange at first. The strangeness didn't last too long.

Saturdays are much more enjoyable, being a Dawgs fan! I don't have enough decades of life left, to await Tennessee's return to the status it once had – before all the coaching carousel changes started in 2009: Josh Heupel, 2021+ (ongoing, 10-6), Jeremy Pruitt, 2018-20 (16-19), Butch Jones, 2013-17 (34-29), Jim Chaney, 2012 (1-0), Derek Dooley, 2010-12 (15-21), and Lane Kiffin, 2009 (7-6). (Phillip Fulmer, 1992-2008, was 151-52.) On the Dawg side, Georgia has had two coaches, since 2009: Mark Richt, 2001-15 (145-51) and Kirby Smart, 2016+ (69-15, so far).

GO DAWGS! (Well, good luck, Vols. I wish you well.) To my readers, who are still Vols fans, come on over to the Dawg side! You will soon get the orange Kool-Aid taste out of your mouths! I have.

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