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TWO SCREWS (1/2” & 2”) STORY (published 9-4-2022; article #354)


What is that photograph? Why did I take it? Papaw Aby William Wood would understand. As a child, his sense of humor inspired and developed mine! He was born on 9/4/1901. He went Home on 3/14/1983, when I was age twenty-two. His soul brought even more humor to heaven!

Since October of 1994 – when Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I moved to Moscow, Russia – I've been writing short notes, of daily events, on desk calendars. The photograph (above) is from my 2022 desk calendar, opened to September.

Yes, I'll go into the details. I hope that you laugh by reading my two screws story! I look forward to telling Papaw Wood this story, once I join him at Home.

The Other Stuff

First, I'll explain the other stuff in the photograph, by date.

September 1, Thursday: Meteorological fall began! (Yes, I know that astronomical fall starts on 9/22/2022.) My ol' 2006 Frontier and I went out and about. Tony, my barber and friend, gave me another best clip haircut, at Tony's Best Clips. My ol' truck got another good hand washing, at Synergy Auto Wash (Halls). My 9/2/2022 article explains the Wendy's meal that cost me $10.04!

My article of yesterday (9/3/2022) explains the WWII notes (on Thursday and Friday), the Saturday note on Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary, the Tennessee football team victory (over a “high school” team), and Biden's diatribe.

September 2, Friday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had a day off from work. She went to the grocery store, played “'Mater Lady” a while, and so forth. I published a website article. It rained, about 8:30 PM. (Yes, I write down stuff like that.) My youngest sister-in-law drove in from “Nashvegas.”

September 3, Saturday: aside from what I've already mentioned and will mention next, we had rain all day, until about 3 PM. My Georgia Bulldogs stomped #11 ranked Oregon, 49 to 3! Why did the pre-season AP and Coaches polls rank Georgia #3? Didn't Georgia win the 2021 national championship? Oh, yes! I wrote about their victory, on 1/16/2022! Go 'Dawgs!

Okay, that's the summary of “life, such as it was,” for those days – except the two screws!

The Two Screws

A few weeks ago, the tire pressure sensor, on our (the wife's) 2012 Nissan Sentra, came on, about once a week or so. It was always the right rear tire – down a couple of pounds. I could not find a hole. I used my air compressor to fill up the tire.

On Thursday, the first day of fall, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman made it from work to home, with tire pressure sensor light on. The left rear tire looked very low. After the tires cooled, I checked. Three tires were fine. The left rear tire was 12 pounds only! How she made it home, I don't know. This Appalachian Irishman had some work to do. I never did find a hole in that tire.

Yesterday, before the Georgia football game came on, I drove our car to the fixin' place, at Service Street - Knoxville (which had been Ralph's Automotive, years ago). When I asked, they wanted me to add them to my “Business Recommendations: upper-east Knox County, TN” list. I have done so.

They removed the two rear tires and floated them in their water tank. Brent showed me the two screws, which I kept! The 1/2” screw was in the right rear tire. (So, that's why it lost a few pounds of air, about once a week!) I don't know how Mrs. Appalachian Irishman collected that 2” screw, in the left rear tire! (I wonder how that tire held 12 pounds of pressure!)

The good folks at Service Street - Knoxville patched both tires and inflated them. The tires are fine now. I asked them to change the oil and filter and to do a couple of other service items, while I was there. They provide great service, and they are open on Saturdays!


By the way, did you notice that my ruler was “made in USA?” I've had that ruler, about twenty years. I wonder if rulers are still made here.

Well, this was my two screws story! I had to write a funny article – to get the bitter taste out of my mouth – from the article that I felt compelled to write yesterday.

Don't let the “woke,” socialist, propagandists screw you, America! Insist that they follow the original meaning and purpose of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution! (Okay, I'm sorry. Papaw Wood liked the humor of this article. Dad liked my “poly-tics” ending.)

Don't labor too much on Labor Day, tomorrow, y'all. I won't. I am enjoying my retirement well enough.

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