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Windows 11, version 22H2 – My Public Complaint to Microsoft (published 2-2-2023; article #388)

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Groundhog Day greetings, to my local, regional, national, and international readers – especially to you, dear reader. The groundhog didn't see his shadow around these parts, if it matters.

On this cloudy, damp, and cool winter day, I will regale you with my public complaint to “Microcrap” (as I call them). This is my 94th article, by “Life (such as it is)” topic.

My desire had been to finish the sixth article, in my Christian Evidences series. The article will be, Lord willing, on the inspiration of the Bible, as verified by its accuracy. I have been working on the article, on and off, since 12/18/2022.

On Friday, 1/27/2023, however, “Microcrap” had other plans! I will vent my temporal and technical frustrations, in this public complaint to “Microcrap.” I wonder if “Microcrap” will stumble across my complaint and, if so, will even care. That monopoly needs to be partitioned.

Don't be concerned! This Appalachian Irishman found a solution.

Winders” 11, Version 22H2

Ever since 9/22/2022, “Microcrap” has been wanting me to install the optional Windows 11, version 22H2 (otherwise known as the “dreaded 22H2”). In brief, I had to rollback that optional install of 9/22/2022. The dreaded 22H2 did not allow my Windows Live Mail 2012 (email software) to work properly – as it had been doing for years.

Yes, I know that, since 1/10/2017, Windows Essentials 2012, which includes Windows Live Mail, has not been “supported” by “Microcrap.” The email software, however, had been working fine – before the dreaded 22H2.

Early on the morning of Friday, 1/27/2023, I had awakened my desktop computer, as usual. I went to the kitchen, to start coffee brewing and to make my bowl of cereal. I wasn't gone long. When I returned to my home office, I was shocked! The “Winders” 11 software had already started a forced install of the dreaded 22H2! (The install had been optional, which I had been ignoring, for four months.)

In expected fashion, once completed, the dreaded 22H2 did not allow Windows Live Mail 2012 (email software) to work correctly.

My public complaint to “Microcrap,” specifically, is that updates should always work with older “Microcrap” software, such as Windows Live Mail 2012. Six full days, off and on, of my life, from 1/27/2023 to 2/1/2023 were wasted, in frustrated efforts – until Thunderbird worked!

New Thunderbird

With the need to use other email software, I began to seek options. I require software that will store emails on my desktop computer. (Emails are backed up on an external drive and on a secure website storage platform.)

Initially, I selected eM Client software. Unfortunately, after five days (1/28/2023 – 2/1/2023) of various attempts, that software refused to cooperate completely with my one “Comcrap” (another monopoly that needs to be segmented) and my two Juno email accounts. On 2/1/2023, the kind gentleman, whom I had allowed access to my computer, indicated that not even he could get eM Client to work properly. eM Client lost the chance to make $59.95 off me, after my 30-day trial period.

Thunderbird had been my second option. It became my option, late yesterday afternoon. The appearance is not as pleasant as eM Client, but Thunderbird cooperates with my “Comcrap” and Juno email systems. Thunderbird is a product of Mozilla, which is also the owner of the Firefox web browser that I prefer. The software is free.


As of 4:12 PM today, analytics informs me that, in the last seven days, this website had 586 total views. The total views, by nation, were as follows:

United States 180, Russia 126, Belgium 74, Germany 71, United Kingdom 32, Iran 23, Poland 15, Netherlands 13, France 8, Sweden 7, Belarus 6, Spain 3, Japan 3, Nepal 3, Ukraine 3, Argentina 2, Canada 2, Iceland 2, Guernsey (an island in the English Channel, off the Normandy coast) 1, Other (unknown) 12

For the last six days, “Microcrap” frustrated me, due to their forced install of the dreaded 22H2. Thankfully, Mozilla's Thunderbird email software came to the rescue.

God created the universe in six days (Genesis 1:1 – 2:3). Could “Microcrap” make another update that would allow even their outdated software, such as Windows Live Mail 2012, to work as it had been doing? I doubt it. “Microcrap” is not that competent.

My readers are welcome to share the content of this email, in effort to educate “Microcrap.” They need to be educated.

This 388th article reminds me of my third article: “Give Me a Horse and a Dirt Road (published 3-9-2006; article #3).” I think that I'll go read that article now.

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