Friday, February 24, 2023

SLAVIC WAR: Russia Invaded Ukraine a Year Ago Today (published 2-24-2023; article #391)


Friday greetings, dear reader. I trust that you are well. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are doing well enough.

The 2022 Slavic War is one of twenty topic sections on this website. The section contains five previous articles, regarding the 2/24/2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. This article, the sixth that section, marks the first anniversary of the invasion. The five previous articles are as follows. I re-read each article yesterday. I did not change a word.

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Two Tragedies

The national and international media have been providing the relentless and countless details -- on the loss of life, destruction, devastation, and chaos that the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine continues to spawn.

This section highlights only two tragedies, of many, that I know. I have online contact with brothers and sisters in Christ, who are from either Russia or Ukraine. A young sister in Christ, whose name and situation I know, has mentioned the following two tragedies.

First, on 10/18/2022, she stated, “My brother got call-up paper.” Her article included two photographs. One was her brother's draft notice, for Russian military service. The other was her brother in a wheelchair. The tragedy is that the Russian military tried to draft a young man, who is confined to a wheelchair, due to his disabilities. The article was shocking.

Finally, on 2/17/2023, she referenced an article about a young man, only 20 years old, from Pechora, in the Komi Republic of northern Russia. The young man had killed himself, to avoid being drafted into the Russian army. The article states that his suicide was because “he did not want to go kill people in Ukraine.”

These are only two of a countless number of tragedies that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused.

The Moscow Times

At 10:02 AM today, I received the usual Friday email from The Moscow Times, which began by stating:

One year ago, Russia sent troops across the border into Ukraine — an act that has led to countless military and civilian deaths, fundamentally altered life for millions, upturned the global economy, and shattered the post-Cold War security order.

The Ukraine War section of The Moscow Times includes a plethora of information about Russia's invasion of Ukraine. That section includes “The Photos That Have Defined Russia's One-Year Invasion of Ukraine,” published today, 2/24/2023.

That article has twenty-one photographs, with notations, from 2/24/2022 to 2/16/2023. (The last two photographs, including the 2/16/2023 image, are dated in 2022, not 2023, probably in error.)

The sixth photograph, of the twenty-one total, is dated 3/9/2022. The caption reads, with my emboldening added for emphasis:

A pregnant woman is carried from a maternity hospital in Mariupol after it was hit by shelling, sparking global outcry. The woman and her baby later died.

Russia denied striking civilians, claiming the maternity hospital was being used as a headquarters by Ukrainian far-right forces.

The photograph and caption are by Evgeniy Maloletka.

Of those twenty-one photographs, with notations, that sixth one disturbed me the most. The death of the mother and her unborn child are, sadly, only one snapshot of the countless and ongoing tragedies.


The first article of March 8, 2022, in the 2022 Slavic War topic section, of this website, concluded with my written prayer.

This sixth article concludes with the same prayer, which has continued.

My written prayer, now, is: “Dear Lord, by your provident grace, stop Vladimir Putin and the soldiers that are under his direction. Some of those soldiers do not want to do what they are doing, in the Ukraine. Some do. Bring peace, by your grace, to the Ukraine. I have the will but not the power. You, Dear Lord, have the power. Please use your providential will. Through Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.”

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