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“SUNSHINE PROTECTION ACT OF 2021" (published 3-19-2022; updated 3-20-2022; article #303)


Howdy, y'all! I hope that my readers are doing well. In the last seven days, my viewer total is: national (USSA 214) and international (Sweden 46, Germany 16, Russia 7, Canada 6, India 4, China 2, Singapore 2, Ukraine 2, Czechia 1, France 1, United Kingdom 1, Italy 1, Portugal 1). That is 304 national and international readers, in the last seven days – as of 3/19/2022, 4 PM.

My national and international viewer total is: this month, as of 3/19/2022, 4 PM, 1063. (The March total keeps increasing). February total was 1635. March is on track to match or be higher than February. I have two other website accounts. I can track viewers on one of the two accounts.

I wish that my analytics tracked my USSA viewers by state. It doesn't. I know, however, that I have many readers in Tennessee. Now that I have established my credibility, again, I will engage the topic of this article.

Sunshine Protection Act of 2021"

What? How can the USSA federal “govrmint” protect sunshine? Only the Good Lord can do that! is the official website for U.S. federal legislative information.” (That's a quote from the website, folks!)

On 3/9/2021, Senator Marco Rubio (“Republicant,” Florida) introduced, in the USSA Senate, the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021” (S.623), in the 117th Congress (2021 - 2022). I had not heard about this insanity, until a day or two ago.

On 3/15/2022, Tuesday, the USSA Senate passed that bill (S.623) by unanimous vote. Every Senator voted in favor of this insanity!

See, for proof! The USSA Senate is fiddling, while Rome burns? Really? I am stunned!

Y'all can read the text of the bill at I read some of it, until I became bored.

Tennessee Senators Blackburn and Hagerty - Shock!

For my Tennessee readers, did you know that Senators Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty are two of the eighteen co-sponsors? Hagerty co-sponsored on 3/9/2021. Blackburn co-sponsored on 3/16/2021. The proof is at

Until now, I have agreed with Senators Blackburn and Hagerty. They are trying to stop, or slow down, the USSA (started 1/6/2021) slide into Socialist Utopian Oblivion. (See my 1/11/2021 article on the start of the USSA.)

Today, I had a delayed shock, by Senators Blackburn and Hagerty! They co-sponsored this insane bill, in March of 2021! I did not know – until today!

Action Today

I will publish this article today! Afterward, I will send emails as follows.

(1) To Senator Marsha Blackburn, via Her Senate website, Washington DC address, and phone number are:

357 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-3344

(2) To Senator Bill Hagerty, via His Senate website, Washington DC address, and phone number are:

248 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-4944

My two emails will link to this article and include my strong words of opposition to this insanity!

(3) To Congressman Tim Burchett, via His House website, Washington DC address, and phone number are:

1122 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
(202) 225-5435

My email will link to this article and include my strong words of support to stop this insanity from passing the USSA House!

Further Action

On 3/21/2022, Monday, I plan to send postal letters, to the above stated three, to their above stated Washington DC addresses. Also, I plan to call each of the above stated three phone numbers – to stand my ground!

This Appalachian Irishman will not back down! The insanity is far too blatant! The USSA Senate, at least, is fiddling while Rome burns! I will do all that I can to stop the insanity!


Earlier today, as I did my Saturday errands, I spoke with various folks on this topic. None of them had been aware of this insanity – until I told them. I asked each one to check my website article today (once published) and to take action. To a person, everyone agreed with me, agreed to read my website article, and agreed to take action with me.

I plan to call Phil Williams (on News Talk 98.7), at 865-656-8255, on 3/21/2022, Monday. I'll take a five-minute break, on my work-at-home day. (Yes, I still do the same job, working at home Monday through Wednesday but at the “Hadean Realm” office on Thursdays and Fridays. I've been doing this since 2/1/2021.)

I have only begun to fight the insanity! Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) hated “govrmint” time. He left this world when I was age ten. I remember. I wear his first name in honor. (He had no middle name.)

In December and January, do y'all want to arrive at work – in the dark? Do y'all want to know that children arrive at school – in the dark? “Daylight Savings Time” is a lie! It does not “save time!” It only moves the sun forward one hour. Now, the morning hour is darker for about a month. The evening hour is longer. Do y'all want that insanity to continue? I didn't think so!

STOP “govrmint time!” Don't even use the “spring forward” then “fall back” insanity! End “govrmint time!” Y'all can research the origin of “govrmint time,” as I have done. I won't go into details now.

Please, to my USSA readers, help me stop the insanity! The win or loss is unknown. I, for one, will fight this trivial insanity as hard as I can. The USSA “govrmint” does NOT need to fiddle while Rome burns! I have spoken! I will continue to speak!

Sunday, March 20, 2022 ADDENDUM

On March 20, 2022, I have added the following addendum. The information is from If you check that website, you will be able to find data by month and year, as I did. I reviewed November 2021 through March 2022 data.

Remember to add an hour, from November 7, 2021 to March 12, 2022! The USSA ran on STANDARD TIME from 11/7/2021 through 3/12/2022.

If the “Sunshine Protection Act of 2021" becomes law, then, for example, the sun would not rise until 8:47 AM, from January 1 through January 11 – of any given future year.

Do you want school-aged children arriving at school in the dark? Do you want to work almost an hour before the sun rises? I did not think so!

Check the website I referenced, if you doubt me. I have saved the raw data in a document on my personal computer.

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