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I need to transition into a fulltime, salaried, writer/editor! (I'm working on it, slowly, if it happens.) The Democrat Socialist blitzkrieg (lightning war) strikes faster than I can keep up with it – neither in day-to-day life nor in my writings here. They are working their plan quickly. If I wrote, fulltime, salaried, I could keep up, by writing my articles, daily.

This is the first of my two-part “Poly-Tics Smorgasbord Catch-Up” (to the blitzkrieg). By the way, “smorgasbord” is Swedish. The literal meaning is bread and butter (sandwich) table. The following is one, of far too many, free photographs. I searched by “Swedish smorgasbord photos free download.” I hope you're not hungry. The photograph looks like good eatin'!

I started my research on this general topic, on 4/26/2021. I did additional research, on 4/28/2021. This two-part article is a summary of my working documents.

The Socialist Democrats -- in contrast to the photograph, above -- are serving up their smorgasbord of putrid items in blitzkrieg style. Some are turning down their inedible items, as they try to force us to eat. Others are gulping down their putrid items as fast as they can do so. The pending “socialist Utopian” vomit session may take about seventy years to come up.

Earth Day

My mind began contemplating these writings on 4/22/2021. That was “Earth Day.” Karl Marx spawned Vladimir Lenin, who was born on 4/22/1870. The spawn of Lenin started “Earth Day,” on 4/22/1970 – the centennial anniversary of Lenin's birth. On 4/21/2021, World Net Daily published an article, "Earth Day's Real (Leninist) History." The article has many facts and known details – to those who are educated in world history. The USSA Democrat Socialists do not want the USSA to be so well educated. I'm trying to overcome their efforts, in this article.

The Socialists serve up the putrid dishes of “global climate change,” “the green new deal,” and so forth – trying to force them down our throats. One can waste time reading all the various websites. Many agree with the Socialists. Many do not. I decided to go “straight to the horse's mouth.”

NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) is a “govrmint” website. The link has a great deal of data. In summary, the website states “North America Temperature Anomalies.” The trend – from 1910 - 2021 (111 years, or 11 decades plus a year) -- is “+0.13°C /Decade” (an increase of 0.13C°C every ten years). In Fahrenheit, it means that North America has been warming, by 0.234°F every ten years. In 11 decades (110 years), North America temperature has risen by a total of 2.574°F. (I knew it was getting a little warmer, over the last sixty years.)

The efforts of the former USA (now USSA), since the 1960's, have reduced vehicle emissions, reduced emissions from power plants and factories, and done other things to improve the air and water quality. I'm sure that Canada has done the same. The USSA cannot force major polluting nations, such as China, India, etc., to improve their standards. The Paris Climate Accord relies on the integrity of nations. The integrity of several nations is in question.

The USSA Socialists want to do more. They want to spend more monopoly money to do so. I have a suggestion! Everyone in the USSA could give up central heat and air, electricity, and vehicles. We could return to the way my Irish ancestors lived – up to 1910. If we go back to 1910 living standards, we might prevent the cumulative total 2.574°F temperature increase that could happen, from 2020 to the year 2130!

Corona Myopia Psychosis

The Socialists continue to use the new cold virus as a tool, to their advantage. The tool has increased “govrmint” power at all levels.

On 4/28/2021, I published my article, “Mask On; Mask Off; I Am Still a Free Man, In a Once Free and Great Nation.” The Socialists need to realize that their hidden-agenda use of this tool has been unmasked.

On 4/25/2021, I found an article, published on 4/21/2021, titled “Woke Medicine Will Destroy the Hippocratic Oath.” The article is written by a doctor who “entered into the practice of medicine in 2005.” It is a good article. The doctor wrote, in part:

I have watched as countless numbers of my colleagues proclaim they are “following the science” over the past year. At the same time, they have not been able to adequately produce the “science” to justify their actions. Thus, the COVID religion was birthed and a massive cult following formed. They faithfully follow the four pillars of the Branch Covidian faith. The practice of medicine has not been immune from the infusion of wokeism into society. It is under attack from leftists all across the globe.

(The emboldened words are my emboldening, not the doctor's.)

Every Life Matters, Except the Unborn

The Socialists use their “higher moral code,” to ensure that we know that every life, especially the Black Lives Matter Movement lives, matter. Absolute morality affirms that every life matters – the born and the unborn.

The Socialists continue to blabber on about choice, in certain areas. For example, they affirm that one may chose to be a man or a woman or to switch his or her choice daily. They affirm that two men or two women may marry. I wonder when they will get around to affirming that a group of men and women may marry as one family (of however many men and women are included), or affirming that a man may marry an animal, or affirming that a woman may marry a plant. If there is no standard, then anything is possible.

The Socialists, however, refuse the unborn the choice of either being born or murdered. That's the woman's right, as they claim. The unborn child has no choice.

I still get TN Senator Marsha Blackburn's weekly e-mail updates. She is trying to give the unborn some type of choice. Her website link is here. (She introduced the bill on Earth Day.)

No Borders

John Lenin wrote and sung the song “Imagine.” One line of that song is, “Imagine there's no countries.” The Socialists need illegal aliens to pour in, to be given the right to vote, and to vote socialist. The southern border insecurity is their planned action.

Illegal aliens are not allowed to buy firearms. From TN Senator Blackburn's website, I see also: on 4/22/2021 (another one on Earth day), she introduced a bill that requires the NICS [National Instant Criminal Background Check system] – which is not currently required – to being notifying immigration authorities if an applicant is in the country illegally. The website article states: “Since November 30, 1998, NICS has issued denials for 36,189 attempted firearm purchases by illegal aliens. Over the 15-month period from January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021 NICS issued denials for 7,373 attempted purchases by illegal aliens.”

I wonder when landowners along the southern border will form their own organized militia, to stop the illegals from pouring onto their properties.

Nukes for Iran

The Socialists think that Iran will be better, if it had full, unrestricted nuclear weapon building ability. I found many websites on the topic. I see that several USSA Senators are trying to stop the first president of the USSA from his foolishness.

My working document has various website links to articles. I will not bore you by listing them here. Let's move on!

Supreme Court and Washington DC Statehood

The Socialists want to add more (socialists) to the Supreme Court and to make Washington DC a state. I know that conservative politicians are trying to stop these efforts. Again, I have links and articles in my working document, but I will not bother to include them here. My readers already know these details.

This is just another serving of their putrid smorgasbord. I am not biting, Biden. I hope he gets the point.


Any socialist knows that a main key to building socialism is to undermine or destroy the family and religion. Socialism becomes the collective. Do you remember the history of the former Soviet Union and Hitler's Germany? I do.

The USSA Socialists are in blitzkrieg to “socialist Utopia.” The United Nations has been doing the same. Here are two (one and another) outstanding links, regarding the USSA Socialists. I do not need to rehash what those fine links have already written. I share them here, to forward their words to my readers.

Two links, regarding the efforts of the United Nations, are here and here again. The second link is straight from the UN's mouth.

I hope that the “socialist Utopian” vomit session doesn't wait to happen, until 70 years from now. This first part is written. I now move to the writing of my second part.

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