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What Is “Woke?” - on Chinese New Year & National Sanctity of Human Life Day (published 1-22-2023; article #385)


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The need to blow my nose woke me a little early this morning, about 5:30 AM. That didn't inspire this article. The inspiration for this “woke” article is followed by my definition of “woke.” (This is my eighth article, in “Worldviews in Conflict” topic section.)

A mundane note and another important note will precede the inspiration for this article and my definition of “woke.” Please reflect on the important note. It is profound.

I trust that you are doing well, dear reader. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are doing well enough. The conclusion will trust that you are “woke,” by my definition.

Mundane Note and Important Note

Before continuing the “woke” theme of this article, I will make a mundane note and an important note. First, the mundane note is that today is Chinese New Year. Apparently, 2023 is the “Year of the Rabbit.” I like rabbit stew. I'm certain that the Chinese are excited today. I wish them moral goodness and blessings in their new year, in hope that they know or will know the one true God of the Bible.

The important note is that today is National Sanctity of Human Life Day. The National Day Calendar® entry -- “NATIONAL SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE DAY – January 22,” last updated 1/18/2023 – has further information. Please pause to read that entry.

In a section of my 6/26/2022 article, I wrote (as emboldened in that article):

On 6/24/2022, Friday, the “Supreme Court” decided in agreement with God's SUPREME COURT! I pause, to bend my knee, in a prayer of thanksgiving to the Good Lord!

My article of 6/30/2022 affirmed the pro-life position. Today, I continue to rejoice that the morally evil decision (in majority) by the “Supreme Court” -- on 1/22/1973, in Roe vs. Wade – has been overturned by a morally good (in majority) “Supreme Court” decision. Forty-nine years were required to decide correctly. God's Supreme Court has not flip-flopped.

Inspiration for This “Woke” Article

ILEANA JOHNSON, by Ileana Johnson, is one of five websites, listed in my “Folks, to Whom I Subscribe” section. Early this morning, I read her article of yesterday, “St. Simeon and His Pillars.” The article is quite interesting. In it, Mrs. Johnson mentioned “the cult of stylitism.”

Using Norton Safe Search, I started to type “what is stylitism?” -- even though Mrs. Johnson's article described it in detail. Before I could type “stylitism,” the search provided several options at “what is . . . .” The second search option was “what is woke.” I finished my search on “stylitism,” but that second search option inspired this article.

Apparently, a bunch of folks want to know what “woke” is. This article will help them.

My Definition of “Woke”

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (ol' man Webster) defines “woke” as:

woke: past tense and past participle of wake.

woke: adjective (first known use in 1972): 1: chiefly US slang: aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice). 2: disapproving: politically liberal (as in matters of racial and social justice) especially in a way that is considered unreasonable or extreme.

Ol' man Webster has accommodated himself to a current and ongoing political and socialist agenda, in my opinion. (Feel free to make it yours.)

My definition of “woke,” which is the only meaning, is to awaken from sleep. I've already used the word, correctly, by having stated, the need to blow my nose woke me a little early this morning.

I only use “woke” by my definition. I will not use the word as ol' Man Webster has defined as an adjective. I will not allow the propagandists to determine my choice of words. As a further example, I say that I am “pro-life,” not “anti-abortion.” An induced “abortion” is a euphemism for the murder of an unborn child.


In his two concluding chapters, the apostle Paul encouraged the Christians at Ephesus to “follow God's example” (from Ephesians 5:1). In those two chapters, the apostle Paul wrote, by inspiration:

This is why it is said: “Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Be very careful, then, how you live -- not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is. (Ephesians 5:14-17, NIV)

In both my 7/22/2022 article and 7/22/2022 podcast, my written and spoken conclusion was:

Wake up (not woke up), America! Do not go to the devil! Turn to the Lord! I have spoken.

America still needs to wake up spiritually. God woke me back in 1981, when I accepted his gift of grace, by my active (and still active, even if imperfect) faith response.

Are you “woke” by God's grace? I trust that you are, dear reader. If not, and if you would like to converse with me, please use my Contact Form. I will be glad to reply and to continue our conversation.

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