Saturday, July 13, 2019

CORN DOG! (published 7-13-2019)

On 7/8-14/2019, the new, improved, bigger, and better Gibbs Weigel’s is offering FREE corn dogs! We had received a flier in the mail with a coupon!

What else could an Appalachian Irishman do? About 12:30 PM, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, bravely, joined me, in the usual haul trash and get gas routine. However, this was a special day, as I was going to get me a FREE corn dog!
The storm clouds were showing. I hoped that we’d make it home, before the bottom dropped out of the clouds. Well, in typical Irish luck, after getting gas for my new ol' truck, we went inside, to get my FREE corn dog.

While inside, the bottom dropped! Noah would have been proud! It was a typical summer tropical down pour! After a few minutes of waiting, with conversation with a man about my same age or older, I said let’s get to the house!

Well, we both took a second shower for the day. Both of us were soaking wet. The rain cleaned out the inside of the cab, for my new ol' truck! Of course, I wiped out all the water, after I got my truck into the “barn” (i.e., garage)! I must respect my truck!

That was a lot of fun! At least I got a FREE corn dog!

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