Sunday, July 21, 2019


Well, it’s not been “a month or two,” but, on 7/21/2019, today, I checked “Farcebook,” to find, as well as I could count, twenty-six happy birthday wishes, from national and two international friends! Well, that’s cool! My birthday was on a work-a-day Wednesday, 7/17/2019.

Во-первых, моим русским хорошим друзьям, большое спасибо! Между нами много миль, но мы все еще близки, после всех этих лет! Я люблю каждого из вас!

Secondly, to my American friends, as in part of the prior Russian, I love each one of you (in Christ Jesus)!

At age 59, this Appalachian Irishman, busted up as he is with “bionic” body parts, can still do almost everything that he could do, in his younger years. (I still can’t run, really run, like I could, and I’m still about five minutes slower hiking up My Mountain, slowed only by my right foot and right knee.) I am a fine tuned race car, with great engine and transmission. The frame has been damaged, so the ride is rough. The rough ride goes on, until it’s time to go home. Make it soon, dear Lord, make it soon! I’m ready to come see Mom, Dad, and so many who have gone home before me!

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