Sunday, July 14, 2019

The Ferrell/Farrell Family Group on “Farcebook” (published 7-14-2019)

One reason that this Appalachian Irishman uses his "Farcebook" account is to let his “friends” (i.e., real family and real friends) know when he has published a new article. (Some may not be subscribers.) This little article is my way to “return the favor” to “Farcebook.”

The Ferrell/Farrell Family” is a private group on “Farcebook,” which a person may join, if approved. There are about 1,200 members. It started on 7/25/2012. The “about this group” states: “This group was created to make it easier to connect with our relatives. It's difficult nowadays to get together as a family, and we have lots and lots of family members spread all over the United States! This way, as a group, we can keep in touch much easier with each other.”

6/17/2023 addendum: website analytics showed me that someone had viewed the first article, on 7/14/2019 (of almost four years ago) in the last 24 hours. That article was on the mashed 'tater war. Re-reading that funny article, I happened to notice this second article of the same date. For this article, I changed the title, updated some of the wording, and added this addendum. “The Ferrell/Farrell Family” group is still active on “Farcebook.” Why is it either “Ferrell” or “Farrell?” Please ask! I'll explain!

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