Saturday, June 06, 2020

D-DAY 76th ANNIVERSARY – REMEMBER (published 6-6-2020)

D-Day, June 6th, 1944

Today, Saturday, June 6, 2020, is the 76th anniversary of that profound date in history. I was not born yet. Still, I remember every June 6th.

Homeplace and Memorial Day Memories,” on Monday, 5/25/2020, Memorial Day, was my last post. It is fitting that my next post is today.

Hike Dedication Plan

3/30/2019, Saturday, was my most recent hike at Norris Dam State Park. I've hiked there 19 times so far (including 5 hikes with “bionic” joints).

I hike Norris in the warm weather, since House Mountain – “My Mountain,” which I've hiked 170 times so far, including 34 hikes with “bionic” joints – has more poison (oak and ivy), ticks, and snakes in warm weather.

Aside from a few (i.e., my ‘cuz Debbie), did ANYONE else remember the anniversary of D-Day today? So far, on “Farcebook” check, only my ‘cuz Debbie and I REMEMBER!

Tomorrow, 6/7/2020, Sunday afternoon, WILL be my Norris Dam State Park hike #20! I WILL do it, if I have power in my body. The hike will be in REMEMBRANCE of D-Day in 1944.


Before my hike tomorrow, however, I must complete my 12th and final every-four-week deep tissue massage routine that I started, on Friday, 7/5/2019. That massage won’t get in my way! I WILL hike Norris!

Y’all eat a good supper this evening. Look for my Norris hike post!

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