Wednesday, June 24, 2020

NORRIS, “FAVORITE” SISTER-IN-LAW, & FATHER’S DAY (published 6-24-2020; updated 9/25/2022)

9/25/2022: updated for style only. My words remain the same.


On 6/21/2020, Father’s Day and “favorite” sister-in-law’s birthday, I hiked Norris Dam State Park, for the 21st time. This was my 221st total hike (since 4/23/2000, when I started my hiking log). So, as I joked, “favorite” sister-in-law was “21” on 6/21/2020!

A Day on the Lake”

My Father's Day gift to my father-in-law and my birthday gift to my “favorite” sister-in-law was “a day on the lake,” via the following photograph.

I'd taken the photograph, early in the afternoon, looking west, on the lower River Bluff trail. Norris Dam is to the left or north, behind me. The trail is a 3.2-mile loop. I'd taken the lower, left side loop that starts, going south.

The above photograph is after I'd finished the lower left loop, then hiked up the ridge, and then hiked across, heading north, just under the ridge line. I came out, where I'd hiked in. The above image is at the start of the loop. Coming into the loop, your choice is left or right. I'd chosen left first and came out right.

Isn’t that like life? We all chose left (i.e., to sin). Then, some chose right (i.e., to accept the Good Lord’s free gift offer, through His Son, our Savior.) Those who chose right, in the end, come out right.

As a side note, coming out, the clouds arrived and the thunder started. The rain arrived, at my father-in-law’s house, after I’d been there a while, for “favorite” sister-in-law’s birthday and father-in-law’s day activities. Fleetwood Mac was wrong. Thunder doesn’t only happen when it’s raining. Their song is still great, however!

There he is! My new, ol' truck didn’t get a country boy washing, by the rain that came, until he was in the driveway at my in-laws’ house! The above image is where he was parked, near the trail entrance.


Well, Father’s Day was Sunday. I have a good father-in-law, who is still here. Dad used to ask, “you boys ready to eat?” That was when he was still alive, but Mom was already Home. He was here without her from 12/27/2000 to 1/25/2008. He liked to make dinner or supper, for us, when we were with him, at the homeplace. He turned into a good cook, after Mom went Home!

Supper was fine, on Sunday, Dad! I miss you. I’ll see you again.

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