Monday, May 25, 2020


Happy Memorial Day, everyone!


Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, quite bravely, ventured into man world with me today! We visited the homeplace, in Hawkins County. My new, ol' truck took us.

Before arriving at the homeplace, a man needed to eat, and a woman could “eat a bite.” $13.15, counting tax, to eat at “Burger Dink”? Really? I knew that you wouldn’t believe me. Here’s the proof, not counting tax!

Dad used to say, “a dollar ain’t worth much now-a-days, boys.” I believed him then. I believe him now. The last time that I ate fast food was 7/6/2020. (I wrote about it.) That was “Burger Dink” also. Once or twice a year won’t hurt me!

Bellies fuller and billfold lighter, we ventured forth.

The above photo is the work that a 77-year-old well driller/repair man, and his grandson, did, on 5/1/2020 (May Day). Our fine neighbor, across the road, had done all the work digging, etc. The blue pipe section replaced the original pipe section that Ferrell’s Well Drilling had installed, in 1974. My Dad, Earl Ferrell, had drilled his own well (with the casing, pump, well housing, tank, etc.). Mom and Dad had planted four trees, near the well housing, for us four boys. Roots finally chipped a spot in a section of the original pipe. Forty-six years for that original section wasn’t too bad! The rest of the pipe is still sound. Dad would have been proud!

Our fine neighbor saw us and came by for a visit. His wife and he are doing well. They have a line from the well also. (Dad and he had made an agreement.) He figured that he owed me for the nominal cost, for the above pipe work. I figured that I owed him for all the work that he did! We laughed and shook hands. We’re even, but I still think that I owe him. He’s a fine neighbor!

The above photo is from the back yard, looking northeast. The grapevine still stands, is alive, and is beginning to bear fruit. There’s my new, ol' truck. (I think that he drove himself up a bit to get into the photo! I didn’t know that he could do that!)

The grapevine was a cutting from Granny and Papaw Wood’s grapevine, from their home in Bean Station. After Papaw passed, in 1983, Granny moved in with us.

The yard had been mowed not many days ago, by T&C Lawn Service. It looked fine, as always. Behind me, two men, each on a tractor, had just finished the first hay cutting. The field looked fine, as always.

After Mom passed, in 2000, Dad had said, before he passed, in 2008, “I’m trying to keep things going here.” So am I, Dad, so am I.

Memorial Day Memories

The “Fearghail” (aka Ferrell) clan had many fine memories, on Memorial Day, and other festive times, over the years. On Memorial Day, we always remembered the reason for the day.

As for me and my house, we are thankful to those who kept us free, by their ultimate sacrifice for freedom. “Hero” is a word that is utilized far too often today. Those who gave their ultimate sacrifice might not have called themselves heroes. They probably thought that they were just doing their jobs.

Let’s get the right job done, America, in tribute to those who made Memorial Day memorable. We owe them.

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