Saturday, June 13, 2020

UPDATE: THE NOMINAL, FINAL (12th) MASSAGE, NORRIS #20, AGE 14, CONCLUSION (published 6-13-2020)


Well, howdy, to all readers, in online land!

I started writing this article, on 6/9/2020 – which was a work from home day. For an unknown reason, my employer thinks that it’s reasonable for me, to do the exact same work at home one week, then at the office the next week, in a weekly rotation.

On 6/13/2020, Saturday, I’m getting around to finishing what I started. Always finish what you start, if it’s good.

The Nominal (in the Everlasting Perspective)

Since the article of 5/25/2020, on Memorial Day, a few nominal (in the everlasting perspective) events have happened. On 5/26/2020, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and “favorite” sister-in-law went, in our car, to and from their teaching jobs, to do something. The school system has been closed, due to COVID-19, since 3/16/2020. Their summer break starts, on 6/1/2020.

Also, on 5/26/2020, our COVID-19 “Stimulus Check,” from “Uncle,” arrived finally. The USA money was borrowed, probably, from China -- the nation that started the COVID-19 insanity.

On 6/1/2020, Monday, summer began! (I’ve told y’all a few times now.) The day also started my work at the office week. Apparently, the bureaucratic powers have decided that I will work at the office one week and then from home the next week, in a weekly rotation. It’s insanity, of course! It’s easier for me to walk five seconds, from the master bedroom, to my home office, than to drive 16.4 miles, one way, to do the exact same job, at the office.

Wednesday, 6/3/2020, involved (a) Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had her most recent medical appointment, for a relatively minor health problem. She’ll be fine. No, it’s not the new cold virus! (b) “Uncle” Skylar attained the grand age of 12. I called. We talked. He’s a fine young man, who is coming along nicely! I’m proud of you, “Uncle” Skylar! (This “Uncle” Skylar note is not nominal! He and this note are important! The placement happened to be here, in the context of the date of writing.)

By the way, on 6/6/2020 – the 76th anniversary of D-Day (mentioned in the 6/6/2020 article) – I got another COVID-19 compliant haircut! I’d called my barber earlier that morning, to set a COVID-19 compliant appointment. My barber can’t yet return to being a free barber, in a free nation, by taking walk-ins, as had been usual. Of course, I had a fine haircut. Afterward, I bought Molly (our doggy) some treats, at the Tractor Supply. I saw one person wearing a mask, among the several, who where there.

As a final side note, this nation has gone insane again. A white police officer is facing justice for killing a black man, whom he had placed in a very bad type of choke hold that, apparently, killed the black man. News and social media are rife, with stories and comments. The various television channels are covered with this now, instead of the new cold virus stuff.

Protests, in a civilized fashion, are valid, by our God-given rights – as affirmed, but not given, in the constitution. Rioting and looting, however, are not valid. It will all stop – eventually. The white police officer and the other officers involved are facing judgment. I hope that the black man, who was killed, and they were or are ready for everlasting judgment. That’s the big picture, y’all!

Final (12th) Massage

On Sunday, 6/7/2020, I had my final (12th) deep tissue massage. That finished my one-year agreement. The massage was good, as usual. I can get along without them. If the massage management has sense, they will agree to my offer, to set up eight-week, instead of four-week, massages, where I pay on the massage date and not in advance.

My every-four-week massages have been on Saturdays, usually. I had to set a Sunday appointment, since the therapist, who has done most of the massages, wasn’t available the day before, which was the 76th anniversary of D-Day.

Norris #20

I told y’all! Norris Dam State Park hike #20 is in my hiking log! There is a little trail, above the west dam overlook. The trail starts on a county line, so I hiked in two counties in one day! Of course, it’s not much of a trail or much of a hike, but it was too warm and muggy for anything else. The sun was out.

The above photograph is looking roughly southeast, on the trail (or service road), to where I was hiking next.

The photograph, above, looks roughly northwest, on the same trail (service road), up which I’d just hiked.

I had taken all three photographs, a few minutes apart. I was standing on about the same spot, for each image. The last one (above) is looking roughly northwest. Do you see my new, ol' truck? I do! He’s resting on the paved road that leads to the west overlook.

I didn’t get enough sweat or workout, on one loop. So, I hiked the little loop twice. I came out twice at the west overlook. The next two photographs are from the “more civilized” west overlook, or tourist location, on my final loop.


I wondered, “Who is in that truck?” Both views look northeast. The views were grand! I’ve seen them several times.

I was ready to get back to the house. The final photograph is next.

Yes, my new, ol' truck was still there, awaiting my return! Of course, I had to take off my T-shirt that was soaked in sweat, to change into the dry T-shirt that I’d had on, when I'd arrived. My truck had waited patiently.

Age 14

Thursday, 6/11/2020, was the anniversary of Granny Ferrell’s passing, in 1971. I have fond childhood memories of Granny Ferrell. I’ll see her again, at Home, one of these fine days.

On Friday, 6/12/2020, the elder daughter of my youngest brother and his wife attained the grand age of fourteen! That day, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman “hunted” her a few birthday gifts. I spoke, by phone, with my youngest brother. His elder daughter was too busy having fun!

In June 1974, the Earl and Betty Ferrell household, which included their four sons, moved from the Livesay farmhouse, which Mom and Dad had been renting, to our new homeplace. Mom remembered the exact move in date. I can’t remember it. It was in June. I would attain the grand age of fourteen, the next month. I started high school that fall.

The elder daughter, of my youngest brother and his wife, was a member of the Bulls Gap Lady Bulldogs basketball team that finished fourth in the state! The article of 2/9/2020 highlights that victory! That fine memory will continue to build her character, in the proper manner. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are proud of you, your younger sister, and your godly parents! We love y’all!


Well, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is in the early stages of supper preparation. Let’s eat soon, y’all! By the way, Molly (our doggy) is doing very well. We have very interesting conversations at times. I’m still learning to speak doggy. Molly is learning to understand my English and Russian.

My article tomorrow may have a few remarks, about the new cold virus (which some folks can’t seem to let go) and the newest racial tension drama (which is driven by propaganda and a hidden agenda).

Didn’t y’all learn the childhood song? “Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight.” Look for additional words of wisdom, on this topic, tomorrow, if I can get around to writing about it.

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