Monday, September 07, 2020


The Mundane

Labor Day, 9/7/2020, Monday, involved minor labor at our house. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I used the shop vacuum, broom, and mop to clean our Molly doggy's lower level condominium (i.e., basement), where she sleeps at night and takes it easy at times during the day.

Next, we took paint and brushes in hand, to touch up paint (basically re-paint) one rocking chair on our front porch. We have another rocking chair and the glider swing to do as well.

Finally, I used push broom and broom to clean out the garage (i.e., the barn). During the work, I sent a few spiders to meet their Maker.

On 3/26/2016, Saturday, I had hiked House Mountain #136, with two friends. Then, I had mowed our acre yard. That was my first and, unknown to me at the time, only yard mowing that year. It is still my last yard mowing, since I’ve been hiring the yard mowed. On 3/26/2016, I had worn my usual yard mowing short pants and an old T-shirt. Of course, my life changed, on Tuesday, 3/29/2016, at least for a few more years. I have the 25 pieces of surgically implanted metal as proof.

Today, 9/7/2020, Labor Day Monday, I wore my yard mowing shorts for the first time. I had on an old T-shirt also. I hope that you enjoy the above photograph that I have included. It's a tribute to my stubborn and strong Irish will!

My youngest brother and his family had more fun than we did. They hiked Panther Creek State Park today. I had called him, while they were in the woods. A few days ago, I had thought about organizing the same hike today, but our work around the house took practical priority.

Don’t y’all be concerned! I will have an article soon, about my future and next hike – for my first hike of my fall, winter, spring hiking season!

The Everlasting

Wayne Anderson, the husband of my first cousin, Peggy Anderson, went Home, on 9/5/2020, Saturday. I had to find out via “Farcebook.” Hey, cousins! Y’all call me, on important events like this! Y’all have, should have, or can find our landline phone number.

Wayne Anderson was a fine man of God. Also, he was Sheriff of Sullivan County Tennessee for 20 years. I remember that Dad talked very highly of him.

The visitation date and time, on 9/8/2020, and the graveside, the next day, are work days for me, unfortunately. I could take work leave, to drive to Kingsport, but practicality dictates otherwise. Instead, on the funeral home website, I wrote the following:

Cousin Peggy, I regret to learn that your fine, godly husband, Wayne Anderson, left this world. I am glad, however, in the everlasting mindset, that he is HOME! We will join him at HOME in time. Then, I will shake his hand and salute him, for his service, as a godly man and Christian, to his Lord, his family, and his country. Your parents, my aunt and uncle, are having a wonderful time, talking with your husband now, as I type this. I regret that the miles between us exist. One of these days, as I hope, a Ferrell reunion can bring all the extended family of Marion and Gertrude Ferrell together. Until then, I love you, my dear cousin!

Wayne Anderson was 11 years older than me. He went home at age 71. Regardless of at what age or in what manner we leave this world, we had better be ready. Are you ready? Wayne Anderson was. I hope that you are. If you are not ready, please send me an email, which you can find on my website profile. Let’s talk!

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