Sunday, September 20, 2020

THE NOMINAL, 9/17/2020 FAMILY HERITAGE, 9/18/2020 ‘POLYTICKS’ (published 9-20-2020)

The Nominal

First, we (me, myself, and I) start with the nominal. Monday, 9/14/2020, after my work-a-day at home and Mrs. Appalachian Irishman’s teach-a-day-at-school, we had our usual, every-four-week chiropractic adjustments. I, especially, needed mine – after my 9/13/2020 latest “whatever” (i.e., new left shoulder ricochet into my right shoulder and down both sides of my back). Chiropractic adjustments are usually pain free. I felt the left shoulder area pain enough at the adjustment.

Tomorrow, I work at home (i.e., home Monday, Tuesday, Friday but office Wednesday and Thursday, in the insane schedule). I plan to work 8 AM to 10:30 AM only. My dentist will “corona” (i.e., crown) the upper left tooth (the one just before my wisdom tooth) that I chipped, on Monday 8/10/2020, while eating lunch at home. I had bitten into a peach seed, certainly not on purpose.

Afterward, I hope that our fine chiropractor will be able to see me that afternoon. My current “whatever” is significant. My back muscle core on both sides and the muscle group across the back of my neck are stiff. I hope that this is another go backward to go forward. I have done the backward to go forward enough. “Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz?” No, scratch that! Dear Lord, won’t you balance out all my muscles? The trauma recovery on my muscles is taking too long. I’m tired of it.

9/17/2020 Family Heritage

 My Dad, Earl Ferrell (middle name not mentioned, as he didn’t like it, for the known family heritage reason) was the final (and eighth) child of Marion and Gertrude Archer Ferrell, my grandparents. He was born on 9/17/1927.

Dad was a fine Christian man -- despite his Irish temper flaws (which I have too). I got to know Dad well, once I became a man. I understood his Irish temper flaws as well as I do my own. He went Home, to see Mom and many others, on 1/25/2008.

9/17/2020, Thursday, was a work-at-office day for me. I remembered.

Search “Dad” on my website. You will find several articles about Dad. One of my best articles about Dad is here. Dad, thank you for being a fine father. The Winesap trees that you planted are still producing Winesap apples. I know that you planted them, even with your ticker trouble, for me, years ago. Ferrell men don’t drop the “love” word often. We prefer to show it by our actions. I love you, Dad. I’ll see you again.

9/18/2020 “Polyticks”

“Poly” from Greek means many. Tick is a blood sucker. I hope that you like my word, polyticks. I like it.

Well, Ruth Ginsburg died on 9/18/2020, on Rosh Hashanah (Hebrew: רֹאשׁ הַשָּׁנָה‎), New Year, on the Hebrew calendar, that began at sundown.

I have read and heard, on the various media sources, about her life. Ruth Ginsburg endured her share of hardship in life – to say the least. Read what you can find. It is interesting. I do not diminish her life story. I admire the toughness of her strong willed spirit. I have the same type of spirit – but from predominately Irish roots.

I hope that Ruth Ginsburg accepted the Good Lord’s free gift offer of salvation through his Son. I don’t know. If she did, I will see her. If she didn’t, I will not.

Ruth Ginsburg was the second, at the time, female Supreme Court Justice (my politically correct moment in writing). Still in my politically correct writing moment, Sandra Day O’Conner was the first. Two more, who are on the Court now, came later. Okay, my politically correct writing moment is done.

Gender (i.e., two only) does not matter. What matters, for Supreme Court Justices, is how they interpret the Constitution. They are either traditional (i.e., the plain meaning of the Constitution as written means what it does) or “living” (i.e., the Constitution means what folks say it means now).

As a theological sidetrack, biblical interpretation is the same. Theologians, such as I, interpret the Bible as it was inspired and written. Other theologians interpret a “living Bible” – whatever the heck they mean by that! The “living Word” theologians are wrong. I can prove it.

The “living Constitution” folks are wrong also. I can prove it. It is easy enough to do – if you share my logical mind that is educated on valid reasoning. If you don’t have a logical mind, then I don’t argue with a fence post. Do the best you can to be educated in valid reasoning.

Ruth Ginsburg was on the Supreme Court, by Bill Clinton’s 6/15/1993 nomination, from 8/10/1993 to the day she died. (That’s 27 years.) I found a few articles that seem credible enough that listed her notable Supreme Court decisions. Neither of the two websites that I link is conservative. Newsweek was there. MSN was there.

My comments on her “notable” decisions are as follows.

Stenberg v. Carhart: Ruth Ginsburg was WRONG, in her opinion. Life in the womb is life. The male or female unborn child is a human, developing in the early stages of life. Murder (inside or outside the womb, unless to save the physical life, in reality, of the mother) is murder. She was WRONG.

Gonzalez v. Carhart: the Supreme Court upheld, as it should have, based on God’s highest court, the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003. Ruth Ginsburg dissented. She, again, was WRONG.

United States v. Virginia: Ruth Ginsburg was RIGHT – IF a woman serving in the military can DO the EXACT SAME physical tasks as a man. I know women who can do MORE physical tasks than men. Good! Women who serve in the military, who can do the same physically as men, are great. Women in the military who cannot do so are a liability in combat.

Safford Unified School District v. Redding: Ruth Ginsburg was RIGHT. Y’all can’t strip search a 13-year-old girl, regardless of the reason, anywhere, especially in school. Whoever did the strip search needs to have found the Good Lord.

Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company: I wonder why this case rose to the Supreme Court. Reading the details wasted my time. Ruth Ginsburg may have been right or not. I don’t know. I don’t care. It was a case over pay details. Yawn!

Quote from the MSN link: “in 2013, she was the first justice to officiate at a same-sex marriage, and two years later was part of the 5-4 majority that legalized gay marriage nationwide” Ruth Ginsburg was WRONG. The so-called “Supreme Court” was WRONG. God, in His SUPREME COURT, has dictated that marriage is one man and one woman (aside from allowing men to have multiple wives for a while). His Son verified this. (Find the scripture references for yourself.) There is NO “gay” (aka homosexual) marriage. It is NOT God’s law. God’s LAW trumps man’s law, every time.


Well, I had a bit of intellectual fun on my polytick comments. Otherwise, I still have the everlasting perspective. Ain’t I dead and gone home yet, Lord? Oh, well. I will be. I will, therefore, continue to ENDURE this little blink of an eye, speck of dust world.

When’s supper ready, dear? I’m hungry! Oh, to our doggie, Molly, I’m sorry that I didn’t take you hiking today. My recent “whatevers” kept me from doing so. Oh, I could have hiked, but I might not have been balanced enough walking those tight spots, where a person could take a bad fall, today. My wisdom dictated to wait. I wait, impatiently. I NEED to get into the woods soon!


Unknown said...

Now that was very well written, your schooling must have been better than mine.I still write country, like I talk. As the courts and this world seems to drift away from God, I know they cannot. One day the slack in the rope will run out. Well got to get back on the hamster wheel, but will be looking for your next article. (I ment to say writting but spell check and Gramer lee, would have had a knipshion!) LOL

M. Fearghail said...

That's a fine comment, Jimmy, my 'ol friend, of decades! Thanks for stopping by for a "cup of coffee" with me. You're (sic) writin' (correct by heritage) gramer (sic) and style hain't (TN Irish heritage correct) nary (same on correct) ary (same on correct) problem here! Thanks for your fine comment, again!