Saturday, October 31, 2020

LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS, 10/24/2020 ADDENDUM (published 10-31-2020)


I was very excited about defeating modern technology, in last Saturday’s “life, such as it is” article. I'd left out a couple of funny items, about that day.

Here they are finally, a week later, on Halloween -- Saturday, 10/31/2020! This is an addendum to the first article of last Saturday.

COVID-19 Compliant Humor

On 10/24/2020, my barber gave me another fine haircut. I had called him to set the COVID-19 compliant appointment a couple of days before. Do you remember when, as a once free people, in a once great nation, a man could just walk into his barber's shop, to get a haircut? As the years go by, younger folks won’t believe that a man could once walk into a barber shop, for a haircut, with no pre-arranged, COVID-19 compliant appointment.

Afterward, my new ol' truck got another good wash, at the place where they wash by hand mostly. The rain, from the night before, had dried on the roads. The sky looked like rain, but it didn’t rain!

The final point of COVID-19 humor is my visit to the Tractor Supply. I bought the last two 20 x 25 air filters that they had in stock. They had most of the items in stock that I buy for Molly, our ol' puppy. Of course, the masks were on. Yes, mine was on, in the store. After I’d checked out, I stated, to the checkout clerks and several others, waiting to check out, “remember, similar to the Karate Kid movie, ‘mask on; mask off!’” As I walked out, I stated loudly, as I’ve done before, “I am once again a free man in a once free and great nation!” Most of the folks, who where still checking out behind me, laughed! I’m just trying to keep up the COVID-19 compliant humor level, folks!

By the way, do you remember when stores stocked several of the items that you needed to buy? We are getting closer to the way it was in the Soviet Union, where socialist stores where open but nothing was in stock, even if you had a few rubles to spend. Wake up, America! We’re getting closer to what Russia left behind, in 1991.

Family Heritage

I just plain forgot to mention that my youngest brother attained the grand age of 47, on 10/21/2020. It was a workday for him and me. I called him after work. He said that he’s trying to catch up with me. What? Ain’t he 50 yet?

The youngest daughter of his wife and he had attained the age of 11, on 10/14/2020. Yes, her father and she are seven days and a few years apart. She still hasn’t let Mrs. Appalachian Irishman know what she would like us to give her as a birthday present. Who knows? If this new cold virus insanity (i.e., Corona Myopia) doesn’t stop, we may not see her again, until she’s age 20.


Well, that's all, folks. At least I published this addendum!

Remember, “mask on; mask off. We are still a free people, in a once free and great nation!”

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