Saturday, October 31, 2020

PASSING OF THE WIFE OF MY AGE 75 FIRST COUSIN (published 10-31-2020)

George Ferrell was one of the brothers of my father, Earl Ferrell. Dad and uncle George are both Home now. Uncle George and his wife, aunt Blanche, who is Home also, had three sons. One of their sons, a first cousin, is ahead of me by 15 years.

Sadly, that first cousin’s wife left this world, on Sunday, 10/11/2020. I haven’t seen my first cousin since 2012, in Johnson City, Tennessee. His elder brother and he met me. We had met at the apartment, where their mother, my aunt Blanche, was still living. Aunt Blanche enjoyed seeing two of her sons and me together with her! (She went Home the next year.) He, his elder brother, and I then had lunch together. I’ve talked with my first cousin a few times by phone since then. He lives about a 1.75-hour drive away from us, in Kingsport, Tennessee.

I left a memorial tribute, to my cousin's wife, on the funeral home’s obituary page for her. My wife and I couldn’t attend the visitation and funeral service or the graveside service, since they were both on working days for us.

On Sunday, 10/18/2020, I called my first cousin. We talked about 45 minutes. He has two brothers, who live in the area. The sons of his wife and he are within a few hours drive away. My first cousin is enduring the grief of having lost his wife, whom he loved dearly. I remember how Dad went through the process, after Mom “went to see Jesus,” as she had stated, before her passing.

I will not speculate about the future departures, from this life, of Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and me. The Good Lord knows. It’s better that we don’t know.

Life is a slow transition from birth to death. Well, life is really a blink of an eye on a speck of dust, in the everlasting perspective. Still, the slow transition happens. Life is full of the good, bad, and ugly, with apology to Clint Eastwood. If we take up the Good Lord’s free gift offer, of salvation through his Son, and we live accordingly, the best that we can, then Home awaits us! My first cousin’s wife just beat the rest of us Home.

She must be having a wonderful time at Home. It will be my turn – eventually – but not today, as far as I know.

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