Saturday, October 24, 2020

LIFE, SUCH AS IT IS (9/21/2020 Monday to 10/24/2020 Saturday)

Well, howdy, y’all! “Hit’s” been “ary a while” since I “done writ” here. “Hit’s done been” five weeks, since my 9/20/20, Sunday, post. How y’all “been a gittin’” along? Okay, I hope.

Well, let’s see here. I’ve been writing on the first two of my four posts today, off and on, since 10/11/2020. This is the first one. This theme is “Life, such as it is.” I’ll continue writing chronologically for this article.

9/21/2020, Monday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman still, bravely, drives to/from her vice principal/teacher job every workday. My “ex-favorite-sister-in-law,” the “coward” that she is, still does her teaching from home – so the carpooling is still not happening.

I worked from home 8 AM to 10:30 AM. Then, my dentist set a temporary crown (i.e., corona; study the etymology). (Historical note: on 8/10/2020, Monday, work-at-home, I had chipped a tooth that he patched, on 8/13/2020, Thursday, a day that turned into my work-at-home.) I thought I’d have me a new crown same day. Wrong! He isn’t into the same-day crown routine that is often the norm now, if you listen to the advertisements. I paid him full price. He owes me a new crown, on 10/19/2020, Monday, when he gets to set it free.

Then, after a mask-wearing shopping bunch of wonderful at “Food Crappy,” my chiropractor adjusted me again, as an extra, after his usual every-four-week adjustment, on 9/14/2020, Monday. I think he set all my bones in place, finally. I’m still working on the muscle and soft tissue recovery. I’m getting tired of this type of “fun.”

9/22-23/2020 Tuesday and Wednesday: Our recent deck replacement, etc., contractor called on Tuesday. I understand, to some degree, why he took so long to reply to me. His father, age 80, is not doing very well. My contractor had gone to care for his father in Pennsylvania. I understood. His sub-contractor came the next day, Wednesday. He was leaving, just as I was returning home from my office-work-a-day (for whatever insane reason). I met him. We talked. He promised. He lied. We still have a few minor details that MUST be done.

9/28/2020, Monday: In contrast to my deck, etc., contractor’s sub-contractor, my FINE heat and air man (Robert’s Heat & Air), and his son-in-law, did an inspection of our A/C and heat units, as I had arranged. Jerry Roberts (Robert’s Heat & Air) knows how to do business! Our A/C and heat units are fine, but it was good to have them checked.

10/3/2020, Saturday: “Microcrap” wanted to update “Winders” to 2004 version. I let them. After fighting the desktop computer monitor for days, on 10/17/20, Saturday, I ordered a new monitor (which arrived on 10/19/20, Monday) for the desktop computer. The “Microcrap” technician, by phone, confirmed what I already had concluded: the “Winders” 2004 update was not the problem.

10/5-6/2020, Monday and Tuesday: Our deck replacement, etc., contractor called on Monday, 10/5/20. I have no problems with him. He had a MAJOR problem with one of his sub-contractors. His now fired sub-contractor came, unannounced, on 10/6/20, to see that he had NOT done the work, which he had PROMISED to do, on 9/23/20. I assume that he surprised himself, by seeing that he had NOT done his promised work. I did NOT talk with him. He is DONE. If he comes around here again, he does NOT represent my contractor, and I WILL get him off our property. He WILL GO AWAY. I hope that he takes up the Good Lord’s free gift offer. I TRIED to help him to that end. It’s his choice now.

10/8/2020, Thursday: Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has been exposed to her teaching assistant, who has been exposed to his daughter, who has the COVID-19 virus (i.e., a new cold virus). The daughter of the teaching assistant had a bit of the snots. What shall we do? We do nothing, of course. How many times have I been exposed to someone who had been exposed to someone who had a cold? It’s been more times than I could ever count. I HAVE MOVED ON from this CORONA MYOPIA OBSESSION. I wish that this once great nation could do so. By the way, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman is completely health! Neither one of us has been or will be tested for a new cold virus.

10/9-11/2020, Friday thru Sunday: I hope that the Rogersville Heritage Days weekend, in the rainy weekend that it was, was enjoyable, for anyone who might have been there. I hear that Heritage Days isn’t what it used to be. I remember many when the occasion was enjoyable, but the rain, “Corona Myopia,” and the festival’s decline did not inspire us to make the trip this year. Will we next year? We’ll see.

10/10/2020, Saturday: I have to toss this one in, for fun! In late September, Nielsen, the radio listening survey folks, had been “hammering” (i.e., calling and never leaving voice mail) our landline, for days, until I grew tired of it. I made the mistake of calling Nielsen back, to see what they wanted. Well, I agreed that Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I would fill out their survey forms, to mail back to them, postage paid. We received the survey forms by mail. We completed their one-week survey forms, about radio stations, to which we had listened. Nielsen, in two postal letters, sent us a total of three crisp, new one-dollar bills! (That’s the way to get rich!) On 10/10/2020, I mailed, postage paid, our improved, computerized survey forms – along with a pithy letter to their “he ain’t from around here” executive. I don’t think Nielsen will ever bother us again.

10/12-16/2020, Monday thru Friday: I was supposed to have worked at home Monday and Tuesday then at office Wednesday thru Friday, but my colleague, with whom I share the insane home/office rotation, became ill on Monday (a cold, not the “new cold virus”). I, therefore, “enjoyed” working at home Monday then at office Tuesday thru Friday. The insanity needs to stop, or I can always find a work-at-home job, before I retire from my state job.

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman -- still driving alone, bravely, to and from work daily -- started her Fall Break Friday. She was off work Friday and was off 10/19/20, Monday. This “inspired” her to take up hammer and chisel, blowtorch, etc., to clean out the kitchen oven. (I had opened the oven door to hear it growl at me, recently.)

10/19-23/2020, My Work Week: to make up for last week, I worked at home Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday – but at office Wednesday. The rationale for doing the SAME job at home or at office -- without the 16.4-mile, one-way, office drive, passing the crossroad each way, where I almost died (3/29/2016) – exists ONLY in the minds of the bureaucratic “powers that be” in “Nashvegas.”

On 10/19/2020, my dentist installed my new crown, with no extra charge. I told him that, every 40 or so years, I need a tooth crown. He knows that, if he’s still doing dental work, I’ll be back, at age 100, for my next tooth crown. Afterward, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I visited our chiropractor. The appointment had been set for 10/5/2020, but his daughter had come down with the “new cold virus.” She recovered from her cold quickly. Out of “an abundance of caution,” as the media folks turn the phrase, he closed his office for two weeks. Neither his wife nor he was sick. At least, my adjustment was the usual “tune up.” My bones are holding alignment well. I’ve about had it with the Corona Myopia Obsession in this once great nation. Most everyone, with whom I discuss the Obsession, agrees with me. Why can’t the political breed understand?

10/24/2020, Saturday: I should have been born 200 years before I was. I understand modern technology. I don’t like it much. I had wanted a VGA computer to monitor cable. Our desktop computer needed to connect to the new monitor that I had received. My father-in-law bailed me out! I had “Interweb” ordered a VGA male-to-male cable, yesterday. Afterward, I had called my father-in-law, since Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had forgotten to ask him, to see if he had an extra cable. He and I had a fine 45-minute conversation. (Mrs. Appalachian Irishman needs to create her own website journal for her side of family history.) Well, today, my father-in-law called to say that he had an extra cable that I needed! I cancelled my “Interweb” order. The cable works! Once again, with help from my father-in-law, I defeated modern technology! Eventually, the desktop and laptop computers will need upgrades, but not today!


Well, that’s my latest “life, such as it is” update (9/21/2020 Monday to 10/24/2020 Saturday). Read on, dear reader!

I have a few more articles to post on my website. I’m getting there! I’ll post House Mountain hike #171, on 10/4/2020, today. I will post two others later, today or tomorrow, as the Good Lord wills (as they say).

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