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ANALOGY OF THE ANTS (published 8/21/2021)

"The Thinker (Le Penseur), model 1880, cast 1901" (on National Gallery of Art, Public Domain)


Auguste Rodin, a French sculptor (1840 - 1917), created “The Thinker.” I like it! A person donated the (above image) 1880 model, cast 1901, to the USSA National Gallery of Art. The website (under the image) has more details. Also, “The Thinker: sculpture by Rodin” (on Britannica, by Alicja Zelazko, fact-checked by the Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, last updated 5/9/2018) provides further information.

The thinker, Bronze, Sculpture image, by guy_dugas, 12/14/2015, on Pixaby. Free for use. Content License.

The above image is a free download, from Pixabay. The image is where the original “The Thinker” is located. Pixabay would be glad to get any donated money, if you want to give it to them.

I ain't a sculptor, but I was in the toilet, at the office, yesterday, to answer the call of nature. While “sottin' thar thinkin',” I had a thought! I will explain this Appalachian Irishman's “the thinker” moment.

The Ant Colony

A colony of ants are on a redwood tree. The redwood tree had fallen into a big river. The ants live on the redwood tree, as it floats down the river.

How did the redwood tree, river, and the ant colony originate? They evolved! Nothing existed. That nothingness exploded. The explosion led, over billions of years, to the evolution of the river, redwood tree, and ant colony -- in that order. (This is “Just My Imagination,” folks, as “The Thinker” that I was yesterday. I hope that you like the Rolling Stones song. I do.) Over the last few million years, the ant colony built on the redwood tree. The tree fell into the river, due to a rift in the space-time continuum. The ant colony has been floating down the river on the redwood tree, for the last several thousand years.

The ant colony is organized well enough. Some ants affirm, with logical proof that validates them, that a divine and eternal creator has always existed -- who created their ant universe, in their temporal, space-time continuum. They worship their creator. They try to live according to the morality that the creator dictated. They have a document -- which they know, by various points of evidence, is inspired by their creator -- that guides them. They are correct, of course, as any ant trained in logic knows.

Other ants, however, laugh at the “believing” ants. They speculate that their colony was created from nothing. These ants can't prove their theory. It's their hypothesis. They, however, affirm that proper organization of the ant society and their ant-defined moral code is good -- even if they can't define absolutely what “good” is. They don't have a logical reason for thinking that way. Thinking that way, however, gives them comfort and conviction. They think that they are superior in thought to the “believing” ants, whom they regard as uneducated and uninformed. The “unbelieving” ants, however, have no proof to support them, but they are very firm in their speculation. Some “believing” ants back down, in fear of the “unbelieving” ants' conviction -- with no proof -- since the “believing” ants are cowards.

The Ant Colony Purpose

The purpose of the ant colony varies -- based on “believing” verses “unbelieving” ants. The two groups try to live with each other well enough. They have social and moral conflicts. The “unbelieving” ants win usually -- since they control most of the ant media propaganda networks, in their ant “Interweb,” radio, and TV media.

The ant colony is weakening and becoming disorganized. The “believing” ants are worried. The “unbelieving” ants are happy. Some ants think that a male ant can become a queen ant. They disdain the terms “he and she ants.” Some ants think that defeating the termites on the other part of the redwood tree is good. Other ants disagree. Some ants think that eating the tree bark that is available is okay. Other ants think that they can create more tree bark from nothing. They call it “Monopoly money tree bark.”

The ant colony, divided such as it is, continues to float down the big river. The “believing” ants think and know, as they have logical proof, that the end will be a paradise location, with plenty of good ground and eatables. They will see ant ancestors, who have already died. The “unbelieving” ants laugh at the “believing” ants. They assume that “Socialist Ant Utopia” awaits all ants!

The Ant Colony Ending

What happened? Well, the ant colony, on the redwood tree, on the big river, went over a huge fall in the river. The “believing” ants went up, to the ant creator and all the “believing” ants who had died before them.

The “unbelieving” ants took a great fall, into a dark and hot place of fire, which was below the huge fall in the river. They did not perish. Instead, they have an everlasting reality to contemplate the error in their thoughts, while they had been on the ant colony that had been on the redwood tree, as it had been floating down the big river.



These were my thoughts, while “sottin' thar thinkin'” in the office outhouse yesterday. I hope that you enjoyed my thoughts. I am a thinker also -- even if I don't have a naked statue of myself anywhere!

This article will set the context for my “Poly-tics Smorgasbord” article that I plan to write tomorrow. It will be a temporally irrelevant article, but I recon that I will write it anyway. I'll get off of here now, to start writing that article or eat supper.

Y'all enjoy the ride on the redwood tree -- while it lasts!

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