Monday, August 16, 2021

USSA LOWERS FLAG at KABUL EMBASSY: USA 8-14-1945 COMPARED to USSA 8-15-2021 (published 8-16-2021, updated 6-26-2022)


This is a brief and sad article, y'all. I'm sure that you have heard about the 8/15/2021 sadness.

I regret to write this article. I must write it.

USA 8/14/1945

Did y'all remember that 8/14/2021, Saturday, was the 76th anniversary of V-J Day? It did not dawn on my until yesterday.

The USA had already beaten Nazi Germany (5/8/1945). The Imperial Japanese went down to defeat on 8/14/1945. The USSA Defense Department has many facts about that day. Many other facts are available. You are able to research all the details.

8/14/1945 was a day of honor for the USA. The USA victory in WWII has inspired me for decades.

USSA 8/15/2021

The USA started the “war against terrorism,” after 9/11/2001. That was almost 20 years ago. I will not waste time, by delving into the details of the last 20 years of that “politically correct war.”

The USA, apparently, did not learn from what the Vietnam War taught it. A NATION CANNOT FIGHT A POLITICALLY CORRECT WAR!

The day after the 75th anniversary of V-J Day, the USSA lowered its flag at its Kabul embassy. Many links exist on the story. I like the Manila Bulletin. CNN and FoxNews have articles also.


As I await supper, the demise of the USA into the USSA, from 8/14/1945 to 8/15/2021, is depressing. This once great nation is going down further very quickly. The USSA has little honor, strength, and influence left.

I honor those who served to defeat the Japanese Empire. I honor those who served in “the war on terror.” I regret the profound loss of life, limb, and trauma. If you are a soldier who served during “the war on terror,” you are honored! Do not lower your eyes! You have no shame! The “powers that be” are responsible – not you!

I'll stop. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman has supper ready. The USSA needs to WAKE UP! This once great nation (USA) is going down fast!

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