Saturday, August 28, 2021

MRS. FOWLER JACKIE IS A FRAUD! (published 8-28-2021)


On 9/3/2006, I posted a public service announcement, about Mr. Garuba's fraud attempt. Wow! That was almost 15 years ago! It was my 24th article.

This is my 239th article. How time goes by!

Mrs. Fowler's 8/27/2021, Friday, E-Mail

On 8/27/2021, Friday, I received the following e-mail, from Mrs. Fowler Jackie (or Jackie Fowler, if she knows which name comes first). Note: I had started to correct the grammar, style, and punctuation, in red and add my comments in blue, but I gave up! The errors were far too many. Can you count the number of errors? If you do, post a comment. I gave up!

Mrs. Fowler Jackie (or Jackie Fowler) wrote:

Gooday[,] My Beloved [as if I am her “beloved”],

It's my pleasure to contact you to seek for your urgent assistance in this humanitarian social investment project to be establish in your country for the mutual benefit of the orphans and the less privileged ones, haven't known each other or met before, I know that everything is controlled by God as there is nothing impossible to him. I believe that you and I can cooperate together in the service of the Lord, please open your heart to assist me in carrying out this benevolently project in your country/position.

I am Mrs.Fowler Jackie. a dying widow hospitalized undergoing treatment for brain tumor disease, I believe that you will not expose or betray this trust and confidence that I am about to entrust on you for the mutual benefit of the orphans and the less privileged ones. My late husband made a substantial deposit with the Bank which I have decided to hand over and entrust the sum of ($ 12,500,000.00 Dollars) in the account under your custody for you to invest it into any social charitable project in your location or your country. Based on my present health status I am permanently indisposed to handle finances or any financial related project.

This is the reason why I decided to contact you for your support and help to stand as my rightful beneficiary and claim the money for humanitarian purposes for the mutual benefits of the less privileged ones. Because If the money remains unclaimed with the bank after my death, those greedy bank executives will place the money as an unclaimed Fund and share it for their selfish and worthless ventures.

However I need your sincerity and ability to carry out this transaction and fulfill my final wish in implementing the charitable investment project in your country as it requires absolute trust and devotion without any failure. Meanwhile It will be my pleasure to compensate you with part of the total money as my Investment manager/partner for your effort in handling the transaction, while the remaining amount shall be invested into any charity project of your choice there in your country.

Please I'm waiting for your prompt response if only you are interested. I will send you further details and the bank contact details where the fund has been deposited for you to contact the Bank for immediate release and transfer of the fund into your bank account as my rightful beneficiary.

May god bless you and your family.


Mrs.Fowler Jackie.

Written from the Hospital.


Mr. Garuba was a fraud, back on 9/3/2006! I warned readers about him, almost 15 years ago. “Mrs. Fowler Jackie” is a fraud! This is a public service announcement, to all viewers! If she emails you, don't buy the fraud! She does not have 12.5 million dollars! She does not have a brain tumor, as far as I know.

I hope that “Mr. Garuba” and “Mrs. Fowler Jackie” figure out the evil of their fraud schemes! They need to turn right and go straight – by believing in God, accepting the Good Lord's free gift of salvation, and living in appreciation of God's gift!

Yes, I know! This was only a funny sidetrack! I may get around to writing a “poly-tics” article tomorrow. Wait for it! At 6:02 PM, I hear taters being mashed! Let's eat supper!

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