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"CORONY" EPSILON (published 8/22/2021)

Via “KABC: What Do You Need to Know About the Epsilon Variant and Its Risks?” On Cedars Sinai, 7/27/2021.


I was mistaken. I thought that I had come down with the “Corony” Iota. I was wrong. I had come down with “Corony” Epsilon. “Corony” Epsilon is a self-discovered variant of the “new cold virus.” The “new cold virus” has been around almost two years. As far as I know, I am the only one, in the USSA, who has contracted the “Corony” Epsilon variation of the “new cold virus.”

Don't y'all get worried! I have almost fully recovered! Folks in Pakistan, apparently, have had “Corony” Epsilon.

The “Corony” New Cold Virus Variants

The World Health Organization (WHO) goes into multiple minutia to ensure that those, who are afraid of the new cold virus, are aware of the Greek alphabet variants of the virus. The WHO indicates the following new cold virus variants, by their Greek alphabet names:

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta are, apparently, “variants of concern,” to whomever are concerned.

Eta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda are, apparently, “variants of interest,” to whomever are interested.

The Greek Alphabet

The Greek alphabet consists of 24 consonants and vowels. I learned Koine Greek, in 1983 to 1984 – with further self-education over the decades later.

Sidetrack, with apology: decades ago, I translated the apostle Paul's letter to the Philippians, the Gospel of Mark, and sections of other New Testament texts from Koine Greek to English – for my own study and sermons. I may unpack the details, if the writer – who doesn't have his own website – wishes to engage me. I commented on his Gospel of Mark article today. I will not use his borrowed forum to debate. He doesn't own that forum. I own this website. That writer is welcome to meet me here.

The following is the Greek alphabet, in upper case, lower case, and English transliteration. The bold, black letters (or letters of color) indicate the WHO's “variants of concern.” The bold, blue letters indicate the WHO's “variants of interest.” The bold, red letters indicate the Greek letters that the WHO, apparently, skipped (or does not know that exist in the Greek). The underlined Epsilon is the new cold virus variant that I have. I have diagnosed myself.

Α α alpha (a vowel)
Β β beta
Γ γ gamma
Δ δ delta
Ε ε epsilon (a vowel)
Ζ ζ zeta
Η η eta (a vowel)
Θ θ theta
Ι i iota (a vowel)
Κ κ kappa
Λ λ lambda
Μ μ mu
Ν ν nu
ξ ξ xi (The upper and lower cases are the same, as I was trained.)
Ο ο omicron (a vowel)
Π π pi
Ρ ρ rho
Σ σ,ς sigma
Τ τ tau
Υ υ upsilon (a vowel)
Φ φ phi
Χ χ chi
Ψ ψ psi
Ω ω omega (a vowel)

My “Corony” Epsilon Status

On 8/19/2021, Thursday, I awakened about 6 AM. My work-at-home Monday to Wednesday was done. My work-at-office (doing the same job) Thursday and Friday routine was starting, sadly. I've been doing this since 2/1/2021, Monday. I'm used to it, sadly.

I felt well, for a “bionic” man. My chiropractic adjustment on 8/16/2021, Monday, helped. My chiropractor taught me what neither he nor I had figured out, over my last five plus years of “bionic” life! Hold a 15-pound weight in both hands while standing. Relax both shoulders. The pulling from my left shoulder to my left hip will relax! Hey! It is working! It was a better-late-than-never medical “miracle” (or “murakl,” as folks in upper-east Tennessee pronounce it)! No, it was no “miracle!” My chiropractor figured out, finally, what no other medical persons (i.e., surgeon, inpatient therapists, outpatient therapists, massage therapists, etc.) nor I had figured out before! I had been focusing on the fulcrum point in my lower back. That was my error – over these last few years! I have fulcrum points in my shoulders also! My chiropractor figured it out! Thanks, “Doc Art!” (Well, I have digressed. Forgive my digression.)

On Thursday, once I was out of bed, I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. Why were both eyes red – especially my left eye? I used my over-the-counter eye drops several times that day. My left eye hurt a little. The left side of my nose had some type of junk in it. I felt drainage down the left side of my throat, which I hocked up enough. I drove to and from the “Hadean realm” to work. I endured. I also used my over-the-counter nose spray. That evening, I used salt water in my nettie pot.

The next day, Friday, my left eye wasn't as red. At the “Hadean realm,” I took one of my red pills (for the snots) that I've had in my desk drawer for years – even before 3/29/2016, when I became the “bionic man.”

Yesterday, my left eye wasn't too red. Today, that eye is almost back to normal. I assume that it will be normal tomorrow. The junk in the left side of my nose is gone. I have no drainage down the left side of my throat.

I have concluded that I am the first person in the USSA to have had the “Corony” Epsilon variant of the new cold virus! If you get it, it's not too bad. You won't run a fever. Your left eye will get very red. The left side of your nose will have junk in it, which will drain down the left side of your throat. You will cure yourself, by over-the-counter remedies. Use a nettie pot with salt water!


This article is my “public service announcement,” to help folks. I still wonder where I contracted “Corony” Epsilon. I don't know. Did I get it, last Tuesday evening? Molly (our doggy) and I played a while, out in the rain that evening. Molly didn't get the “Corony” Epsilon from that fun in the rain. I don't think that's where I got it. Either way, I'm almost over this first ever recorded USSA case of “Corony” Epsilon!

I wonder if the WHO will get around to learning that they skipped ”Corony” Zeta and ”Corony” Theta. The WHO made me think that I had ”Corony” Iota. The WHO owes me an apology. I doubt that they will give me one.

Don't let the USSA Socialist Utopians fool you, folks! The Corona Myopia Psychosis that they have been using is just one tool – of their multiple tools – to lead us to Socialist Utopia! Do you buy their deception? I do not!

This article was a sidetrack, with apology. I may get around to writing my “Poly-tics Smorgasbord” article eventually. That article will cover more temporal topics that the new cold virus (Corona Myopia Psychosis). The article I wrote yesterday still puts this temporal triviality into everlasting perspective.

But wait! One website claims that an Epsilon “Corony” variant exists! Another website state that Epsilon “Corony” started in Pakistan. Hum. I have never been to Pakistan. (I've been to India, but that was decades ago.)

Am I still the first person in the USSA to have self-diagnosed with the Epsilon “Corony” variant? The truth is out there – if anyone cares!

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M. Fearghail said...

On 8/24/2021, Tuesday, I must correct my 8/22/2021 article. The words of this author must maintain integrity – even if the “main stream media” do not care about their integrity.

The DNA India (updated 8/2/2021) article states: “the Epsilon variant is not new. It was first detected in California in 2020.” The 7/27/2021 Cedars Sinai article states, regarding “Corony Epsilon:” "it is the one that originated in Southern California, and that we discovered." I had linked both articles in my 8/22/2021 article. I failed to read all the details in both articles.

I revise my final sentence as follows, ”Am I still the first person in Tennessee to have self-diagnosed with Epsilon Corony variant?” California beat me, apparently.

It's just funny, folks! Thanks for reading! I see the numbers, not the folks, who have read this article so far! I wrote the article with my sarcastic humor. I regret the legitimate number of folks in the world who died legitimately from the new cold virus. I also regret the number of folks who have died or are dying from cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other maladies. I regret the number of folks who have died or are dying from war, violence, natural disasters, and other types of moral and physical evil.

This world is not our home. We are only passing through it. I hope that y'all understand that I write, in the context of the everlasting perspective. That context of life gives me everlasting hope. We all, who are ready to go Home, must place this temporal triviality (i.e., the good, the bad, and the ugly) into everlasting perspective. I am trying to do so.