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FERRELL'S WELL DRILLING 3-8-1958, WEIGEL'S 12-21-2013 REMEMBERED 12-21-2021, CHRISTMAS 12-25-2021, AND 'LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL,' THE BACKDROP (published 12-26-2021)


On this Sunday, 12/26/2021, did you know that Kwanzaa began today and that it is Boxing Day in Canada? That's what my desktop calendar tells me, for what it's worth.

My “CHRIST-MAS 12/25/2020 FRIDAY” article mentioned the snow on that day. I have four snow photographs in that article. Christmas, 12/25/2021, Saturday, was a warm and very windy March day. I should have flown a kite! The low was 59 degrees. The high was about 67 degrees. Yesterday was a “great day for snow sledding!” Today has been another spring day in winter. We are saving on our propane bill.

I hope that you read to the “light at the end of the tunnel” ending, of this article. It should be worth the trip.

Ferrell's Well Drilling, 3-8-1958

I am a member of a private group, on “Farcebook,” which is about and for members of the Irish Fearghail clan. On 12/20/2021, one of the administrators posted the following.

From the Knoxville News-Sentinel on March 08, 1958. Earl Henry Ferrell was the son of Marion Ferrell, grandson of James Robert Ferrell, great-grandson of John Ferrell Jr., gg-grandson of John Ferrell Sr.

Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) was age 30. He still lived with his parents, on Cave Springs Road, in Hawkins County, Tennessee. He was still single. Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) was age 77. Papaw Ferrell started Ferrell's Well Drilling, in 1901. (A search of my archived articles will find details and photographs.) Dad knew the other well drillers listed. I recall Joe Samples, but I don't remember having met him in person. I knew Gwyn Calfee very well. (Search by “Gwyn Calfee,” to find my article on him.)

Thanks, Ronny, for posting the above image on that group page! I'll send you an email, to let you know that I have mentioned you, by first name only.

WEIGEL'S 12-21-2013 REMEMBERED 12-21-2021

On 12/21/2021, “Farcebook” reminded me of my 12/21/2013 post:

After having engaged in the secular ritual of almost last minute gift buying, and feeling frustrated by the wanton secularization of the observance of our Lord’s birth, I stopped at a Weigel's on the way home. The older man in front of me in line was buying a gallon of milk. As he turned, I noticed his cap: Vietnam War Veteran.

I caught his attention as he turned from the checkout. All I did was look him in the eyes and offer my handshake. I didn’t have to say a word. He saw the words in my eyes. He looked in my eyes, man to man, and said, “Thank you,” as he shook my hand. I respect this man, whom I may never meet again, because he offered his military service as a sacrifice to this once great nation.

Amidst the gift buying and giving, I paused, in the ultimate level of thankfulness, to “shake the hand” of the One who sacrificed his all for such a lowly one as I. May I, and all in this nation, live in respect of the Greatest Gift of all.

I do not recall having seen that Vietnam Veteran again. Eight years since my post, I would not change one word. God the eternal Word became flesh, born of a virgin. My analogy of the ants (8/21/2021 article) comes to mind: the man became an ant. He lived and died as an ant. He rose again. He brought salvation to the ants. God, however, created us in his image. God the Word became God the Son. Salvation is free. Have you taken up the Good Lord's offer? Contact me, if you have not. I will help you any way that I can!

Christmas 12/25/2021

Yesterday morning, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I enjoyed watching the tarp blow across our “back 40” into the “back 40” of our neighbors, to the east of us. The tarp had come from a neighbor to the west of us. I should have flown a kite, as I had stated before.

We gathered with the Gordon-Beckner clan on Christmas afternoon. As always, the conversation and food were great. (Well, there was too much food.) The elder sister of my father-in-law will attain age 100 next month, as the Lord wills. I look forward to writing about that event, by His grace! I wrote about this dear lady, in my January 18, 2021 article.

My youngest brother and his family visited in the early evening. Our two nieces were able to get their Christmas gifts on time this year. They got their Christmas 2020 gifts on 7/3/2021 (as my 7/5/2021 article mentioned).

Christmas, to the Fearghail and to the Gordon-Beckner clans, has the depth of family heritage, in the biblical context. The gift giving is secondary. Despite the March wind in winter, it was a good Christmas day.


Of course, the Fearghail clan remembers the good Christmas times and the sad Christmas times. The following is a paragraph from my unpublished book, “Light at the End of the Tunnel.” The paragraph is from my section “The Backdrop (written 8/25/2016).”

Thanksgiving 2000 was a good day. Mom looked and felt better than she had before she became ill. I still see her vividly. She was sitting in the blue recliner in the living room, at the homeplace. She was enjoying the family holiday activity. How well Mom looked and felt inspired us all. I recall telling Mom how well she looked. She replied, “I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel!” (This inspired the title to my little book.) The next day, after Belinda and I were back at our little Knoxville apartment, Mom had pain in her side. Medical providers theorized that the pain was from over exertion in physical therapy. The pain turned out to be bone cancer. So, after enduring so much and finally showing signs of recovery, from all through which she had been, due to the cerebellar hemorrhage, Mom left this world and us to be with Jesus, on December 27, 2000, a year minus one day from when she was first hospitalized in 1999. At least Mom didn’t have to suffer long with the cancer, as she had, and still was, suffering from the cerebellar hemorrhage.

I will get around to finishing and publishing my book, in a year or so, as the Lord wills. I usually work quite a bit on my book, during the last week of the year.

I must, however, endure working from home, tomorrow only. Tomorrow is 12/27/2021 – twenty-one years since Mom “went to see Jesus” (in her words to me).


Is there joy this time of year? Yes. Is there sorrow this time of year? Yes. Can one experience both sorrow and joy this time of year? Yes. I have been doing so, along with an unknown number of others, every year – for many years.

Will temporal sorrow be overcome with everlasting joy? Yes, it will be – through God the man, who was born in a manger. Do you know the rest of the story? Have you accepted salvation, by faith, in Christ? Many of you have, and you rejoice, even in sorrow. There is hope! Some have not. Contact me, if you would like to talk. I will be glad to share a piece of the Bread of Life, from one hungry beggar to another.

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