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Shanna Ferrell is our niece – the youngest daughter of my brother, who is about three years younger than me. We have known that Shanna was finishing her Bachelor of Science degree.

On 3/23/2022, we received her postal invitation, to attend her graduation today (4/30/2022). Shanna had called us, on 4/16/2022, to ensure that we had received her invitation. Shanna granted permission to me, to mention her by full name. Here you are, up in lights, Shanna!

Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I, along with my youngest brother and his family, had hoped that we could attend in person. Various life factors forestalled that plan. We, however, were there in spirit! We were there “virtually” also!

Milligan University is about an hour and forty-five minute drive, one way, from our home (about 113 miles). The graduation ceremony was at 2 PM today.

Milligan University History

The Milligan University “about” section of their website indicates the history of the university.

I enjoyed reading that section. I had already known several of the details.

The university is named after Robert Milligan (7/25/1814 - 3/20/1875). He left this world at age 60. I am age 61 now. I have known about Robert Milligan, since the early 1980's. He was instrumental (pardon the pun, for those who understand) in the Restoration Movement.

Robert Milligan

The History of the Restoration Movement contains volumes of historical information. Their section on Robert Milligan includes his life history.

Robert Milligan wrote several books. Decades ago, when I was a “preacher boy,” in my college study days, I read most of his books. I still have, at least, in my library, his “Scheme of Redemption” and “Reason and Revelation.” All his books are available, on various websites, for purchase or reading.

Shanna's Graduation Day!

Within the context of the history that I have mentioned, Milligan University graduation day was today – for Shanna Ferrell and other graduates.

Milligan University lists the Commencement details and Commencement schedule on their website. Since life forestalled our hope to have been present in person, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I watched Shanna Ferrell, and others, graduate, by the virtual portal!

The entire ceremony was one hour and thirty-three minutes. We heard Shanna Ferrell's name called, watched her cross the stage, obtain her Bachelor of Science diploma, and walk – proudly and smiling – off the stage! Yes, family were present physically. We could hear family, and probably many friends also, clapping loudly! We clapped and hollered at home. I hope that our neighbors did not hear us!


Shanna Ferrell, your aunt and uncle are proud of you! Many friends and family are proud of you. My mind sees your Mamaw Ferrell (Betty Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27-2000) smiling down on you, proudly, from heaven.

The family heritage is based on biblical, Christian values. Shanna Ferrell, keep up that tradition – for the generation that will follow you. We have faith that you will. God's blessings to you and your family! We love you!

By the way, Shanna, please give us some photographs! We will trade your photographs for the graduation present that we will give you! It will be a fair trade! We can't do that, until we all get together in person though! When will that be? We will work on the plans!

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