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KETANJI BROWN JACKSON CAN'T DEFINE “WOMAN” (published 4-9-2022; article #312)


On this Saturday, 4/9/2022, the weather has been “wonderful” today. We have had wind, clouds, rain and snow, sun, then more clouds and rain. At 3:39 PM, as I type now, the sun is out again. I wonder when the next batch of wind, clouds, and rain will hit us. Today would be “great” hiking weather – for no one.

I have several articles to write this weekend. The Fearghail and Gordon households have endured enough temporal difficulties, since my last (3/26/2022) article. I will write about them, along with another article, regarding SSG. Ryan Knauss. (See my 3/20/2022 article.)

I started my rough draft article, for this publication, on 2/25/2022, Friday. I might as well finish and publish it. The USSA Socialist Utopian demise into the Hadean Realm is continuing.

What is a Woman?

A woman is a person who has an innie. God created male and female. A man has an outie. There are no other choices. That fact should be obvious, to anyone who has any sense.

Ketanji Brown Jackson – who doesn't know if she is a woman, man, or something else -- is the next member of the USSA “Supreme Court.” This is a sad reality, as this once great nation continues to spiral into Socialist Utopian Oblivion.

I will avoid further commentary. The obvious insanity is known – to anyone who has, at least, common sense. The various media sources have made hay with this a while. I will cite a few websites.

(a) The folks at BALLOTPEDIA have an interesting context. See their undated and unaccredited article “Ketanji Brown Jackson.”

(b) To replace the retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, “on February 25, 2022, President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court.” (Quote from Note, importantly, that Russia invaded the Ukraine, on February 24, 2022.

Ketanji Jackson is one of sixteen judges, on the United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia Circuit. (Source:

Her biography is listed on that website (

(c) The Federalist article of 3/23/2022, by Elle Reynolds, “If Ketanji Brown Jackson Doesn’t Know What a ‘Woman’ Is, Why Does She Use the Word so Much?” makes a little humorous hay with the point that Ketanji Jackson has no idea what a woman is – despite her ability to use the word often.

(d) Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn ( sent her “The Blackburn Report” email to folks, including me, today, at 2:08 PM. Y'all have heard about her question, to Ketanji Jackson, on the definition of a woman. It's made the various news media rounds. Her email linked to two Clarksville Online website articles. See the 3/29/2022 article, by “news staff,” titled “With Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Nomination, Democrats Put Politics Above Constitutional Principles.” See also the 4/7/2022 article, by “news staff” (who don't get much credit), titled “The Left is Waging War on the American People.”

I suggest that Ketanji Brown Jackson determine the definition of a woman. She may want to check, to see, if she has an innie or an outie – in the privacy of her own bathroom.


At 6:42 PM, as I wind down this little article, I took a break from writing, to call my brother, who attained age 59 today. Then, I called my youngest brother (13 years younger than me). The Fearghail clan is enduring the temporal realities well enough.

At least I have this article out of my system finally! Tomorrow, I hope to publish several more articles. Two will be profoundly important. Right now, I'm still waiting on Mrs. Appalachian Irishman to come home – with my supper! I'm hungry! It's almost an hour past supper time! Wait! She just came home – with my supper! I'll publish this, after I eat!

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