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LIFE, 'SUCH AS IT WAS,' LATE MARCH 2022 TO 4-1-2022: Coat Hanger, China Test Kits for China Virus, 'Bionic' 6-Year Anniversary, Vietnam War Veterans Day, Advance Knox Psychobabble, CHS Yearbook, National Atheists' Day (published 5-1-2022; article #316)

Introduction (5/1/2022, Sunday)

Happy May Day, y'all! See the article “5/1/2021, SATURDAY, MAY DAY: TRIBUTE TO A FINE OFFICER (published 5/8/2021, Saturday, VE Day),” for May Day details. I doubt that many Russians are celebrating May Day today. See the Sunday, March 20, 2022, article. I still keep up with all the sad details of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine.

I have a backlog of rough draft articles and some articles that are in my mind only. This writer must get some of the backlog published and out of his mind!

Initial Introduction (4/3/2022, Sunday)

On Sunday, 4/3/2022, at 4:20 PM, as I had begun to write, I had wondered why I didn't hike that weekend. The weather had been right. My last hike was on House Mountain (hike #178, #42 “bionic”), on 4/18/2021. See my 4/25/2021 article. I decided to take a hiking sabbatical, for fall and winter 2021 - 2022 hiking. I could have hiked several times. I chose to focus on my website articles instead. I haven't stopped hiking – yet! My “bionic” body can still enjoy a good hike!

This article catches up on most of the “life, such as it was,” in late March 2022 to 4/1/2022. This is a long article. If you become bored, you are welcome to stop reading. I almost didn't publish this article. I wanted to get this into my journal, here, despite the passing of aunt Mona Beckner. (See my 4/10/2022 article.) Life must move on – until we, who are ready, join her, and so many others, at Home.

3/27, Sunday: Coat Hanger

Do you see the coat hanger, on the right (southwest) window? I modified the coat hanger, of course. That's the master's bedroom window, where Mrs. Appalachian Irishman sleeps also. The view looks south, toward our “back 40.” I took the photograph, on 3/27/2022, Sunday afternoon.

The plastic rod that adjusts the blinds had broken many moons ago. I had been adjusting the blinds by hand. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman, being vertically impaired, could not do so. My coat hanger adjustment rod works just fine! It's how a country boy uses his improvisation skills!

I thought that you would laugh!

3/28, Monday: China Test Kits for China Virus

On Monday, 3/28/2022, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman granted me permission to write the details in this section.

See my 1/23/2022 article on aunt Mona, to set the context. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman felt sickly, on 1/23/2022, Sunday. She didn't work the next day.

For historical context, my Dad (Earl Ferrell, 9/17/1927 - 1/25/2008) left this world on January 25, 2008. On 1/25/2022, my wife took a made in China home test, for the China virus. She tested positive. She stayed home and off work the rest of that week. My wife had the usual symptoms of a bad cold. She consulted her PCP, by phone. She didn't need any prescriptions. She took care of herself, at home, with some help from me. I worked at home all that week, since I had been exposed to the China virus. I felt fine.

On 1/29/2022, I bought a made in China test kit, at the local CVS. That's the sales receipt, in the above photograph. The other made in China test kits were “free,” provided by the USSA government – via a family member. Of course, the USSA government bought the “free” test kits from China – since the kits are made in China.

On 1/30/2022, Sunday, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman felt well enough. She took another made in China test. She tested positive again. Her PCP had told her that she would test positive for a few months. She went back to her work-a-day world the next day.

On 2/1/2022, Tuesday, and again, on 2/21/2022, Monday, Presidents' Day, I tested negative twice, using made in China tests, for the China virus. Aside from a mild case of “the snots,” I felt fine. Either I have had the China virus, when I didn't know it, or I am immune naturally.

Interestingly, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman had the first (two-round) China virus immunization series (on 2/24/2021 and 3/26/2021). She had the booster immunization (on 12/28/2021). (Note: Mom, Betty Wood Ferrell, 11/24/1932 - 12/27/2000, became ill on 12/28/1999.) My wife, despite the immunizations, still came down with the China virus. I have never taken a China virus immunization. I have not yet had the China virus – unless I did but treated it as a minor cold.

I'd glad that you are recovered fully, from a bad cold, dear! Thanks for allowing me to publish these details! Love you! Mean it!

3/29, Tuesday, Includes Four Sub-Sections

3/29/2022, Tuesday, needs four sub-sections. Yes, it was a “rich, full” day.

'Bionic' 6-Year Anniversary

The reading of my 8/26/2016 article, “I’M STILL ALIVE – WHY? (published 8/26/2016),” will set the context. Over the last six years, I have mentioned “my bionic life,” a few times.

At least I worked at home, on the sixth anniversary of “my bionic life!” When I work at the office, I pass, going and returning, “the kill spot,” where my '95 Nissan pickup died and where I almost died, on 3/29/2016. That was a Tuesday also. I remember.

Vietnam War Veterans Day

I had heard about Vietnam War Veterans Day. I had forgotten about it, on 3/29/2022. The following are quotes from the websites cited.

“National Vietnam War Veterans Day is acknowledged on March 29 every year, honoring anyone who served during its 20-year time.” “It was President Donald Trump who signed the Act on March 29, calling for U.S. flags to be flown on this day to honor everyone who served during this time, whether they were in Vietnam or not.” “. . . it was founded in 2017." (Source:

The Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 was signed into law by 45th U.S. President Donald J. Trump, designating every March 29 as National Vietnam War Veterans Day.” (Source:

"S.305 – Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017" is available, in full detail at

Welcome home, to all Vietnam War Veterans. This once great nation honors you. I wish that this once great nation would live in honor of your sacrifices.

Advance Knox Psychobabble

Advance Knox ( is some type of Knox County Tennessee government initiative, as far as I can figure out. They want to do great stuff for the county, so they claim. During my lunch, while working at home, on 3/29/2022, I attended a “virtual” meeting on the Interweb.

The organizers asked us to enter our points of view on various topics. I, as others, did. The meeting appeared to be a way for those folks to gather demographic and opinion research only. I asked that an organizer call our landline later that day or soon. I wanted to talk to someone, by phone at least. I was assured that I would be called.

On 4/4/22, I replied to the 4/4/22 email that I had received, from I stated, as I had requested, in the 3/29/22 virtual meeting, that I was still awaiting a phone call from those folks. I had and have requested phone conversation with Advance Knox. As of this date, Advance Knox has not called me. The crickets chirp only.

The bottom line is that Knox County will not turn farm land, in our area, into “McMansion” subdivisions! Various Interweb groups stand against it. I am a “virtual” participant in Gibbs Planning Advocates – GPA (via We will see what these Advance Knox taxpayer-funded bureaucrats do. Will they listen? Who knows, at this stage.

CHS Yearbook

I had wanted to place an advertisement, for this website, in the 2022 Cherokee High School Yearbook. Cherokee High School is in my hometown. I was too late, but I did converse, by email and phone, with a fine instructor at the school, on 3/29/2022.

This fine instructor emailed me her painting of Devil's Nose and her poem titled “Devil's Nose.” I have permission to share them, in a future website article. I plan to do so. I have not had the time to do so yet.

4/1, Friday: National Atheists' Day

April the first, annually, is called “April Fools' Day. I prefer to call it National Atheists' Day.

“The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” (Psa. 14:1, 53:1, KJV). Atheism is a foolish notion. I affirm my written words, in my Friday, 4/2/2021, article “ATHEISTS' DAY, GOOD FRIDAY, RESURRECTION SUNDAY.”

I have helped several atheists on their journey to find salvation – especially in Russia. To any atheist readers, you are welcome to contact me. I will debate – in an effort to convert you – if you are interested.


On Good Friday, 4/15/2022, I had written: “Resurrection Sunday is coming! This temporal 'life, such as it is,' events – some good and some not good – will be placed in the context of everlasting life – eventually.”

But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Cor. 15:57-58 KJV).

Read the entire 15th chapter, by the inspired apostle Paul. At aunt Mona Beckner's funeral (4/13/2022) and gravesite (4/14/2022), the godly minister read from that chapter.

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