Sunday, April 10, 2022

MONA BECKNER, AT AGE 100, HAS GONE HOME (published 4-10-2022; article #313)


Today is Palm Sunday, 4/10/2022. My mother-in-law, Phyllis Ann (House) Gordon, was born on 4/10/1941. She passed on 4/30/2017 – a year and a day after I almost died (3/29/2016).

Good Friday is coming. Resurrection Sunday is next Sunday.

That sets the context for this brief article of tribute. At least the sun is shining today – unlike yesterday's wind, rain mixed with snow, and clouds.

Mona Beckner Went Home, on Friday, 4/8/2022

The details are known to family. My wife was on spring break vacation last week. Her aunt Mona Beckner started to have trouble, on 4/4/2022. She was hospitalized that day. My wife sat the first shift at the hospital. Her cousin, aunt Mona's son, sat that shift also. Other family sat the second and third shifts.

Early in the morning, just after midnight, on Friday, 4/8/22, aunt Mona Beckner went Home. Her son and my wife arrived moments after aunt Mona had passed. One of my sister-in-laws was with aunt Mona, when she went Home.

Mona Beckner's Age 100 Tributes

My 1/17/2022 and 1/23/2022 articles mentioned the occasions of honor, to Mona Beckner, on the attainment of age 100. Her life as a faithful child of God was her main honor.

WBIR TV updated their 1/14/2022 video article, about aunt Mona, last evening: “One of the last living 'Calutron Girls,' who helped make history in East Tennessee, has passed away” – author; published 10:17 PM EDT April 9, 2022; updated 10:17 PM EDT April 9, 2022.

Mona Beckner's Poems

From age 80, aunt Mona was a writer. She wrote over 200 poems. The following is what she called her final poem, which she wrote at age 96.

Aunt Mona, at age 84, wrote the following poem, about my wife.


I apologize if the images are not clear enough. As a writer, I write to get thoughts out of my mind – to some degree. I write for that reason today. The main thought is that the family that remains are enduring the trial of the passing of aunt Mona Beckner.

Mona Beckner has gone Home. The sun is shining, on this Palm Sunday. Remember, Good Friday is coming this week. Resurrection Sunday is coming. The Son of God shines on Mona Beckner now. Her everlasting joy fortifies her family, who are still here.

Dear Lord, please comfort the family of Mona Beckner – especially her son, who cared for her daily, at their home. We long for your return, Lord! Will you come soon? We who are ready look forward to going Home also.

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