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7-4-2022: “JULYTH” OR INDEPENDENCE DAY? (published 7-3-2022; article #338)


Well, howdy, y'all! I trust that international readers are doing well. I hope that national readers are doing fine also. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I are getting along well enough. Life, “such as it is,” keeps on rollin'!

On 7/3/2022, about 1:35 PM, views on this website, for the last 30 days, were from the following nations: United States (or USSA) 1.04K, Russia 402, Germany 176, China 123, Canada 84, France 69, Sweden 66, Netherlands 60, Ukraine 47, Indonesia 41, India 35, Poland 33, United Kingdom 30, Singapore 8, Turkey 8, Georgia 7, Pakistan 7, Austria 6, Belgium 6, Other (not specified) 119. Where are the views from Ireland? Come on, Ireland!

In June, the monthly view total was 2,395. Six articles were published. Three are now in the “Worldviews in Conflict” section. I created that new topic section today. Lord willing, I plan to write additional “Worldviews in Conflict” articles, to expand that very important section.

Could July the Fourth be called “the Fourth of July,” “Independence Day,” or “Julyth?” This article is serious, includes satirical humor, and ends with a serious stand. To national readers, have a happy “Independence Day,” for the right reasons, tomorrow!

June the Nineteenth” (6/19/1865)

The article of 6/21/2022 questioned, satirically, whether 6/19/2022 was Father's Day or “Juneteenth,” or both. I stated:

I have known and continue to respect the historical origin of “Juneteenth.”

I wish that the historical day could be called “the Nineteenth of June” – not “Juneteenth.” We call the Fourth of July, “the Fourth of July” – not “Julyth.”

To hear or read “Juneteenth” still hurts my ears! The day, however, is honorable, as that 6/21/2022 article mentioned.

The Image by Wynn Pointaux from Pixabay, in the 6/21/2022 article, was a free image of the Pan-African flag, with “Juneteenth” written on the flag. The Pan-African flag is red, black, and green. Source: “On Flag Day, Remembering The Red, Black And Green,” by Leah Donnella, editor on NPR's Code Switch, 6/14/2017. The NPR article explains the meaning of the colors. I read the article. This note corrects the 6/21/2022 article – on the flag that I used.

The official “Juneteenth” flag is blue and red, with a star, a burst, an arc, and “June 19, 1865” in white letters. Source: “The Juneteenth flag is full of symbols. Here's what they mean.” (By Harmeet Kaur, CNN. Design by Will Mullery, CNN. Updated 6/17/2022). The CNN article details the origin and meaning of the flag. It is a good article. I read it.

“Juneteenth” is, apparently, a word – according to “ol' man Webster.” Source: Merriam-Webster, Definition of Juneteenth. To say “June the Nineteenth,” however, just sounds better to my ear!

Fourth of July” (7/4/1776)

Searching “ol' man Webster” (Merriam-Webster) for “Julyth” finds “the word you've entered isn't in the dictionary.” I wonder if I need to help ol' man Webster add “Julyth” to his famous dictionary! My sarcasm has been saying “Julyth,” for a few weeks. I'm trying to coin the word! Please help me!

I took the above photograph on Thursday, 10/28/2010. It was my 72nd hike on House Mountain. I was at the middle bluff, looking northwest. That hike was the first, as mentioned in the article “Four Hikes in Four Days!” (published on 11/14/2010). Eventually, the flag pole and the flag were gone. I think that the owner removed them, for some reason. I regret not seeing that flag.

U.S. History (Pre-Columbian to the New Millennium) contains sixty major sections, from Native American Society on the Eve of British Colonization to “Toward a New Millennium.” The website is a compendium of American history. I read several sections.

No nation is perfect. The history of every nation includes immorality. This once great nation is no exception. This nation has been wrong in its treatment of native Americans, Irish immigrants, negro slaves, unborn children, and so forth. This nation has resolved or is resolving many of its evil actions. No person or nation will ever attain perfection. (Jesus, the Christ, as God incarnate, was the only perfect man.) The founding fathers ensured that this nation was founded on moral principals – even as some of those men failed in areas of morality. This imperfect nation does not always honor the moral principals, upon which it was founded.

The agenda of the socialists is to destroy the good that our founding fathers did, by ranting constantly about their imperfections. Imperfect people, however, can still accomplish good. Their good must not be rejected, due to their imperfections. The socialists are not following the foundational moral principals of this nation.

The final subsection in U.S. History is “The End of the American Century.” The conclusion reads:

Will the 21st century also be an American century? Or will the United States be eclipsed by new superpowers like China or the European Union? Only time will reveal the answers.

In the meanwhile, the United States will rely on its history of increasing democracy and respect for human rights, its dynamic diversity, and the innovative character of its people to seek new solutions to whatever problems may arise.

The USSA is in its declining years as a nation – following a pattern similar to other once great empires and nations. The decline can be reversed. I pray to God that the “new solutions” will be based on the biblical worldview. We will see.

The home page of The National Flag Foundation, under “Let's Reunite America,” states:

Our Flag was born in 1777 through the power of a revolution. Out of that revolution came its meaning – liberty and justice for all – as a birthright for every American.

“Liberty and justice for all” is from the The Pledge of Allegiance. The foundation of this nation is “liberty and justice for all” – despite this nation's imperfections. The foundational principal still stands.


Will you rise, as you read, to pledge with me?

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I call this once great nation the USSA (Un-united Socialist States of America). The nation is falling, not standing. If this nation were as one, under God, then there would be “liberty and justice for all.”

Many national readers STAND with me. Others need to STAND on the moral foundation that our founding fathers created (despite their imperfections). So, let us all STAND together, on the founding principals – otherwise, we shall all fall.

National readers, y'all have a safe and happy “Julyth” tomorrow – ya hear? Y'all are welcome to share this article, on Independence Day!

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