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PRESIDENT BIDEN'S REPLY TO MY LETTER – Over a Year Late (published 7-27-2022; article #341)


Howdy, y'all! To my Tennessee audience, I wonder when the weather will warm up! It's too cold, and we've had enough snow! But seriously folks, we're in the Dog Days of Summer. It's supposed to be hot. Molly (our doggy), however, does not care for the heat.

My 7/25/2021 article took an interesting sidetrack on the Dog Days of Summer – which are from July 3rd to August 11th every year. It has something -- or nothing -- to do with SiriusXM. Y'all will figure it out! I'm not deviling you!

By the way, I hope that you listened to my podcast: "If I Were the Devil" – Inspired by Paul Harvey (published 7-22-2022; podcast #3). The podcast link is also in my 7/22/2022 article -- which has the transcript. Please share my article and podcast widely! We're trying to help folks not go to the devil – if they both hear and listen.

That brings me to the purpose of this brief article. President Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., apparently, heard the words in my 5/24/2021 letter to him, but he did not listen to (or heed) my words. President Biden replied on 7/12/2022. Why did it take him over a year to reply to me?

My 5/24/2021 Letter to Biden

My 5/22/2021 article – An Invitation to the First President of the USSA to “Show Me the Money” Tree (published 5-22-2021) – includes the main content of my letter to President Biden. I mailed it, on 5/24/2022, as my article stated. The three links to the national debt are still valid.

The final two paragraphs of my article stated:

Of course, in practical terms, I know that he will never know that I sent this letter. I anticipate that a robotic letter opening machine will open my letter, scan it for content, determine that the content is irrelevant, and send my letter to the recycle robot.

My wisdom in a word will be someone's toilet paper – eventually. I will have tried!

Apparently, my 5/24/2021 letter to President Biden did not become toilet paper!

Biden's 7/12/2022 Reply

Monday, July 18, 2022, was Mrs. Appalachian Irishman's age [year censored by her] birthday. On that date, I received Joe Biden's 7/12/2022 reply, to my 5/24/2021 letter! That was my wife's “birthday surprise!”

Joe Biden's letter to me is below. I hope that you can enlarge it enough to read it. I added my handwritten notes and blotted out the name of our “huge metropolitan mega city.”

Joe addressed me by my first name only, as if we've known each other for years. So, I'll just call him Joe. He wrote that he was “hearing from” me.

My Thoughts to Joe

I'm glad that my letter inspired you, Joe, but why did it take over a year to reply to me! Joe, you and I are not traveling the same road together!

You are optimistic for the future. I am not. Most folks are not. Your common ground is sinking sand. I will not join you there.

You think that you are moving forward – when you're moving backward. I'd help write the next chapter in the American story – if you will listen to me. You don't want to listen to my courage and dedication.

The Ununited Socialist States of America (USSA) is at a critical moment. You, Joe, do not want to meet the moment with anyone, who disagrees with your socialist agenda – including me. The best days of the USA – or USSA, since 1/20/2021, when you, Joe, became the first USSA president – are behind us, at least for a long time – if not forever.

Joe, you wrote as if my letter was very important. Don't pontificate to me. I am not deceived.

USSA Money Tree

The U.S. Department of the Treasury website includes Fiscal Data, which is “your one-stop shop for federal financial data.” The Fiscal Data website includes Debt to the Penny, which is the official record of national debt, updated each workday.

On 7/25/2022, the “Total Public Debt Outstanding” was $30,543,559,825,181.40. The website includes historical national debt – by “Preview & Download, Date Range (Record Date), All.” I have included three more dates, for perspective:

7/25/2012 - debt $15,874,859,322,768.40 (almost 1/2 the 7/25/2022 debt)

7/25/2002 - debt $6,150,003,507,609.84 (almost 1/2 the 7/25/2012 debt)

4/01/1993 - debt $4,225,873,987,843.44 (first entry. No entries farther back.)

“Preliminary Report on Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities at End-June 2021, February 28, 2022” shows at least 25 nations, to which the USSA owes money. China is number six on the list. Japan is number one. I doubt that Japan will try to take over the USSA. China wants to. I still suggest that we start learning Mandarin.

Since 2002, the national debt has almost doubled every ten years. There is no money tree, folks. The USSA is broke and continues to spend more money than it brings in (which is plenty) – as an undisciplined adult, who maxes out his credit cards.


I will let y'all know, if I decide to write and mail Joe my reply. I won't wait over a year. I don't think that I'll reply. It would waste my time – like casting pearls before swine. (See Matthew 7:6.)

At least my 5/24/2021 letter to Joe did not become someone's toilet paper! I assume that a low level staffer discovered that Joe's standard, canned letter had not been sent to me. So, the staffer took a canned letter, from the stack of canned letters, and mailed to me one of Joe's form letters, which someone probably wrote for him. Joe may have signed his name on the original letter, which was copied many times. I would be shocked, if I ever learn that Joe took the time to read my 5/24/2021 letter and to pen his personal reply of 7/12/2022. I doubt that Joe even knows that he sent me the letter.

Joe, you need to listen to and heed my words – not just hear them. Come on man! Joe, guide this once great nation back to the Rock of Ages – not to the sinking sand of Satan! I pray to the Good Lord that you will listen and hear. I am offering a pearl of great price! (See Matthew 13:45.) Don't throw away the pearl, Joe!

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Democrats and Republicans are guilty of running up the national debt. Democrats are worse. They listen but don't hear. Good article. Glad I found your website.