Monday, August 29, 2022

'MATER FUN with 'MATER LADY (published 8-29-2022; article #351; Mrs. Appalachian Irishman article #1)


Hey, folks! This is Mrs. Appalachian Irishman (aka 'Mater Lady) -- publishing my first article here! On 8/28/2022 -- as I was taking the above photograph, of the prettiest Cherokee Purple tomato that I have grown this summer -- Mr. Appalachian Irishman commented that he would invite me to be a guest writer on his website. He said that I should write about the tomatoes. He was really goading me and making fun of my photograph taking of a tomato. Well here we go!

'Mater Fun

Let’s start at the beginning. In late April, I found out that a local school was having a plant sale. I went online to a website that a coworker provided me and discovered that they had several varieties of tomatoes for sale, at 50 cents per plant. They also had flowers for sale.

I bought about four dollars worth of plants -- six tomato plants and two kinds of flowers. I had the coworker, who had given me the information, pick up the plants and bring them to me at school, my workplace.

It took me a few days to decide where and how to plant the tomatoes. I put the flowers in flowerpots on the front porch, after a few days. I then decided to plant the tomatoes in three large pots, two plants to a pot, since I had three varieties -- Cherokee Purple, Better Boy, and Celebrity.

Mr. Appalachian Irishman has been a little leery of eating the Cherokee Purple tomatoes, because the first ones picked were cracked. He thought that they were diseased, moldy, and “full of rot.” He carried on so about this! I must admit they did not look good, but they were tasty. The latest harvest has looked much better.


That is why I snapped the photograph, on 8/28/2022, to send to my sisters and niece. It's the photograph, about which the man just could not resist making fun.

By the way, my youngest sister suggested having a good ol' 'mater sandwich. Good idea!

Editor's note (by M. Fearghail, “Mr. Appalachian Irishman”)

Well, dear! After all these years of trying to get you to write on my website, I prodded you enough to write your 'mater story! You have one article. I have written 350 articles (from 3/6/2006 to 8/28/2022). Will you catch up? I'm kidding, dear! I'm glad that you wrote an article finally. Love 'ya. Mean it.

By the way, I took the photograph, below, earlier today. I had to add a bit of extra humor, with a serious ending.

I was in the kitchen. In 2002, I designed the kitchen nook, so we could place a small table and chairs there. I can't eat at the kitchen table. Why, you ask?

Do you see nine tomatoes, six flowers in pots, and one laptop? (All the potted plants aren't visible.) There is no room for this Appalachian Irishman to set a plate or cup of coffee!

As a serious close, the large, green plant is the gift from my youngest brother and his wife. The gift was for my mother-in-law's funeral. She passed on to everlasting joy, on 4/30/2017. That plant has thrived for over five years so far. My mother-in-law thrives everlastingly.

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Anonymous said...

This was such an enjoyable read! Mrs Appalachian Irishman, you may have inspired me to write a few things too one day. Great entry!