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APPALACHIAN IRISHMAN: 2022 RECORDS (published 1-1-2023; article #384)


New Year's Day greetings, to local, regional, national, and international readers -- especially to you, dear reader. Has it been a year, since the most recent article -- of two days ago? My, how time flies! I hope that everyone -- even if not a legal resident in Tennessee -- voted early and often, as I did, for “No More, Mr. Ice Guy!”

Last evening, Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was in bed, about 9 PM as usual. I joined her, about 10:30 PM, at my usual time. We enjoyed “sleeping in the New Year!” I'd seen enough of the #1 Georgia versus #4 Ohio State college football playoff semi-final game. The game should have started before 8 PM. Early in the third quarter, Georgia was behind by eleven points (24 to 35). This morning, I was amazed to learn that Georgia won (42 to 41)! The championship game, on 1/9/2022, between Georgia and TCU starts at 7:30 PM. Go Dawgs!

The 12/31/2021 article focused on this website's records in 2021 and since 3/6/2006 (my first article). I record this website's analytics, on the first of each month, to track total views, for the previous month. On this cloudy to partly sunny spring (in winter) day, I might as well write about the 2022 records.

You, as a reader, are appreciated. May God's richest blessings bestow to you in 2023, as you serve Him.

2022 Statistics and Total Viewers by Nation

In 2022, I published 96 total articles, which are 25 fewer than in 2021. (“Website Archive” shows articles, by year and month.) Total views, in 2022, were 26,360. I started publishing more articles, in 2019. Since my retirement, on Friday, 5/13/2022, I have had more time, to write better articles, on topics of interest (under “Topic Sections”). Some articles are very serious. Some are on “life, such as it is.” Some are humorous. Some are a mixture of topics. I will always affirm the biblical worldview and the good in Appalachian-Irish heritage!

As of this morning (1/1/2023), at 8:22 AM, this website had 163,058 all time total views, since 3/6/2006. Since I've been publishing more articles, viewership has increased. Last month, I published nine articles, and this website had 2,646 views. In 2022, this website received 45 comments. Since 3/6/2006, my first article, this website has drawn 212 comments. (Some comments are mine, either as replies to comments by others or as additional notes to an article.)

In the last twelve months (January - December, 2022), annual viewer totals, by nation, were: United States 11.9K, Russia 3.34K, Germany 2.09K, Netherlands 1.1K, China 503, United Kingdom 497, Belgium 462, France 451, Canada 437, Sweden 400, Turkey 374, Ukraine 191, India 190, Estonia 159, Poland 110, Hong Kong 85, Norway 77, Romania 73, Japan 72, Other 3.86K. (I hope that Ireland is included in “other!”)

My public journal and commentary continues to draw local, regional, national, and international viewers. Analytics show me these data only. Your identity is secure on this website. I see only numbers, not names. If you are a subscriber to this website, then I don't know anything about you. I do not know the number of subscribers, their names, or their email addresses.

While I'm pleased that my website maintains viewers, I wish that more folks would comment every now and then. Of course, I also read websites, often without leaving comments. I comment on certain websites often, since I enjoy the articles. The “Folks, to Whom I Subscribe” section lists five websites. I comment, on at least three of them often.

2022 Top Ten Most Viewed Articles

I thought that I'd share my 2022 list of top ten most viewed articles. Analytics give me some idea, as to why articles are being viewed, often based on the title. The following is my top ten list, for 2022, in order from number one to number ten.

Four articles are from 2022. Three are from 2021. One is from 2014. Another is from 2009. My inaugural article, of 3/6/2006, was the eighth most viewed in 2022. That article, in which I was just having a little sarcastic fun, remains my most viewed article of all time.


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HOW TO PRONOUNCE "APPALACHIAN" (published 3/6/2006; inaugural article)

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BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW - BOOK RECOMMENDATION by BARNA: “American Worldview Inventory 2021-22: The Annual Report on the State of Worldview in the United States” (published 6-7-2022; article #332)

I'll keep writing, as folks keep reading. Thank you for stopping by, every now and then, to drink a cup of coffee with me!

My public journal and commentary is a means, by which I attempt to serve the Good Lord, record family history and heritage, uphold the good in Appalachian culture, affirm the biblical worldview, critique “poly-tics” (as I call it), record some of my hikes, and enjoy a bit of sarcastic humor. I am a minister, writer, public speaker, and conversationalist. This forum is a way that I express myself.


The evening is approaching, as the sun sets. Supper will be within the hour. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman and I pray that 2023 will be a good year. We could all use one.

Please remember to seek first God's kingdom and righteousness. Do not worry. God provides what we need when we need it, until we meet Him. See Matthew 6:25-33.

Good New Year's Day evening, y'all. Thanks for reading. Don't be too shy to comment!

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