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Pensive (i.e., contemplative, reflective, etc.) is my mood, at 4:07 PM, as I begin to write. My website does not support or care about “emojis.”

“Emoji” is borrowed from Japanese and means, literally, “pictograph.” The word is from “e” (picture, drawing) + “moji” (letter, character). It includes various small images, symbols, or icons that are used in electronic communication texts (i.e., text messages, email, and social media), to express the emotional attitude of the writer, to convey information succinctly, and to communicate a message playfully without using words. Let social media platforms have fun with emojis. I do not care.

The wind was too strong for a hike on “My Mountain.” I'd rather not have a tree or tree limb hit me in the head. Archived articles have my Mother's Day hikes on House Mountain. My hiking log has records that may not be on this website. Also, I have almost “hocked up” the shovel loads of tree pollen from my throat, but not all of them yet. Wisdom dictated that I rest and “hock” at home today.

Mother's Day, VE Day (Russia), Memorial Service

Mother's Day: Today marks the twentieth Mother's Day, after Mom “went to see Jesus,” on 12/27/2000. My most recent article that included comments about Mom was on 5/10/2020. Mom was and still is the finest example of a Christian that I've ever known (and I've known many fine examples). Today, I updated my “Why I Left (published 3-7-2009)” article, to add the published date only. I did not, and I still would not, change a word. Mom is enjoying her everlasting life now. Mom, I will see you soon. (Soon, in temporal time, may be a few more decades.)

I have another mother, also. She is my “second mother.” I called my adoptive sister, on her birthday, on 5/5/2021. Her mother is my adoptive mother. My “second mother” is age 91 (born 1/21/1930). She is also the finest example of a Christian that I have ever known. (I can have two finest examples.) My most recent article about my “second mother” was on 1/24/2021. I wish that my adoptive sister would accept my social media friend request. My sister and I are of the same Irish spirit. She may accept that friend request, when she gets around to it.

My maternal grandmother was Lula Frank Amos Wood (6/16/1901 - 8/12/1991). My paternal grandmother was Molly Gertrude Archer Ferrell (11/30/1892 - 6/11/1971). Granny Ferrell joined Papaw Marion Ferrell (4/13/1880 - 11/21/1970) less than six months after he passed. I was still age 10, almost age 11. I remember. Granny Wood joined Papaw Aby William Wood (9/4/1901 - 3/14/1983) just over eight years after Jesus took him home. I was age 31. My wife and I were still living in Charleston, Missouri. We drove to Tennessee. I was honored to perform Granny Wood's funeral and graveside. I remember.

I had thought that this Mother's Day would be easier. It would have been, if I had hiked today. I remember. I honor. I continue. I will see Mom, Granny Ferrell, and Granny Wood at home – eventually. I'm glad that my “adoptive” mother is still with us. I pray my best love and blessings for her.

VE Day (Russia): The Russians celebrated Victory in Europe Day (75th anniversary) today – even if the USSA forgot to celebrate yesterday. The following photograph is from “Putin reviews Russia's military might on 'Victory Day' amid tensions with West,” on NBC News, by Reuters, 5/9/2021.

From 1994 to 1999, I walked that same area more times than I can count now. At least the Russians remember the World War II sacrifices. World War II victory in Europe was 5/8/1945, or, for Russians, on 5/9/1945. Place your current life situation in 1945 reality, as it was then. That will give you perspective, in the short term.

Memorial Service: The memorial service for the husband of my first cousin was at 2 PM today, in my hometown. This morning, I contemplated that we might drive the 1.25-hour, one-way trip, to attend. My shovel loads of tree pollen in my throat were about gone. “Out of an abundance of caution,” I decided that we would forego my thoughts. I'm still hacking up tree pollen, to some degree.

I wonder if my other first cousin will return my voicemail, from yesterday, to give me the phone number of my cousin, whose husband passed, on 5/7/2021. I had thought that I had my cousin's phone number, but I did not. That's my fault. Help me out, 'cuz Debbie! Call me back! Of course, after I'm fully over my tree pollen infestation, I have the power and will in my body and spirit to drive to my cousin's house, unannounced, to say howdy! That's how a Ferrell does it anyway.


Writing this article helped me, as I knew that it would, to get over my pensive mood. I apologize for my temporal weakness, by being sentimental. Well, no, I do not apologize. I am still in this temporal world. My everlasting perspective has to take a back seat at times.

Dear Lord, will you honor my prayer? I have prayed, before and after my “bionic” life started, on 3/29/2016, that I would be hiking House Mountain, at age 90. I would “vapor lock” as I touched my rock, on the west bluff, and go home! Those still here would have two choices: either come get my lifeless body or leave it there. (Buzzards must eat.) Let's see how my life comes to an end. It's not ending today, apparently.

The circle will be complete at home. It is not complete today. We are completing the circle at home, slowly, day by day. I am not pensive, as of 5:50 PM.

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