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The above photograph is from a free image website. It is one location, on the former Berlin Wall (8/31/1961 to 11/9/1989). I don't know when the photograph was taken, at what location on the wall, or by whom.

My first short-term (six-week) mission work -- in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, India -- was in the fall of 1989. I was 29 years old. I preached and taught, in several areas, in and near Rajahmundry and Kakinada. Another American, two fine translators, and one driver made a great five-man team. I learned and still remember a few words and sentences, in Telugu. I have memories, writings, and photographs -- of three total short-term mission efforts, in India. Mrs. Appalachian Irishman was with me, on the final trip (1993). I went alone, on the second trip (1991).

In the fall of 1989, the flights, to and from India, were on Lufthansa. We switched planes at Frankfurt International Airport. The Berlin Wall was in the process of being destroyed. Berlin and the world were celebrating. The border, between East and West Berlin, was an unnecessary relic. It needed to come down.

I apologize for the personal and historical digression. Let's move to the purpose of this article.

Illegal Aliens Invade Chattanooga, Tennessee

A country has recognized and secured borders. The USSA (Ununited Socialist States of America) has a recognized but unsecured southern border. A recent event, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, is one of many examples.

The military was not mobilized. A citizen army did not organize. The USSA government created the invasion of its own country. The invasion was stealth (i.e., to keep citizens from knowing, until it was too late), in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Four flights, of illegal alien children, were smuggled into Wilson Air Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, under a cloak of darkness. There have been four flights, so far -- on 5/14,15,19/2021. (Two flights were on 5/14/21.) I state “illegal alien children,” since no research that I did indicated that they had arrived in a legal manner. If anyone finds that their entry was legal, please inform me.

The previous and following information is from WRCB TV, 5/19/2021 article, updated 5/20/2021. The article has more details. The illegal alien children were loaded into buses, for transport. One bus line was Coast to Coast Tours of East Point, Georgia. The bus line has a contract with the United States Department of Defense. (Note: I searched USDoD website, by “Chattanooga,” and found eight old articles. Nothing referenced this event. It's a USDoD discovered secret.) The children had unidentified chaperons. A person, with knowledge of the operation, who remains anonymous, stated, “30 to 50 minors are transported at a time, some to reunite with family members and others to go to group homes.” One group home is The Baptiste Group, owned by Kevin Baptiste. It is in Chattanooga. That group will house up to 100 children, ages 12 to 17.

The (Nashville) Tennessean article, of 5/21/2021, includes several details. I quote the following.

The Office of Refugee Resettlement, which falls under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, told The Tennessean it is in charge of unaccompanied children until they are united with a vetted sponsor, which is usually a parent or close relative. The office said 290 unaccompanied children were released in Davidson County between Oct. 1, 2020, and March 21. Statewide, a total of 717 unaccompanied children were released in the same time period. However, the office did not say how many unaccompanied minors were released since March 21. It also declined to answer any further questions about reports of unaccompanied minors flying into Chattanooga.

The U.S. Border Patrol apprehended more than 5,600 unaccompanied children in January. The number grew to more than 9,200 in February, then swelled again to more than 18,600 children in March -- a record for apprehensions of unaccompanied children in a single month. The HHS network of 13,500 beds in permanent, state-licensed shelters is essentially exhausted.

[Governor Bill] Lee posted to Twitter about the situation on Thursday. He said he declined a request from the Biden administration to house unaccompanied minors and called for them to “secure the border” and “stop scattering children across the country.” He claimed they “cut off transparency” when he demanded more answers on the unaccompanied minors. “Tennesseans deserve to know who is coming into our state,” Lee said. Casey Black, a spokesperson for Lee, said the governor declined the housing request on March 19. Lee also signed onto a letter in May with 19 other governors urging action from the Biden administration to secure the southern border.

Sens. Marsha Blackburn and Bill Hagerty and U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann -- all Republicans -- joined Lee's criticism and call for answers. The three wrote a letter to Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas asking about how the youth are being managed and housed.

I discovered, by clicking around in all the links (in blue, above), that the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) -- which is under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) -- uses the services of the Refugee Processing Center (RPC). RPC is a bureaucracy, inside a bureaucracy (ORR), which is inside a bureaucracy (HHS) -- which is, ultimately, inside the USSA bureaucracy.

The USSA has tied itself into a huge, bureaucratic Gordian knot. It has an ongoing effort to invade itself -- by using tax dollars (i.e., newly printed Monopoly money), to bring in the invaders and to provide their care afterward.

The USSA must be the largest human trafficking organization -- much larger than the cartels, south of the border. It has bureaucracy that traffics in humans (mentioned above). It has bureaucracy that acts again human trafficking (e.g., USAID). It has bureaucracy that acts both for and against human trafficking. For example, the Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) acts against it, while the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, which governs OTIP, acts in favor of it (as verified by the evidence stated previously).


The Berlin Wall needed to fall. It did. East Germany exists no longer. (My wife has a coffee maker -- which her father gave her, back in her college years -- that, supposedly, was made in East Germany. It still works.) The reunification of East and West Germany led to the fall of the USSR. That opened the door, for our mission work, in Moscow and Klin, Russia, from 1994 to 1999. Some nations need to fall -- to be reunited, divided, overtaken, or reborn. Some nations did not need to fall but fell anyway.

The USA “border wall,” along the Mexican border, had been a good idea, when the last president of the USA inspired its construction. (Trump Wall may be a good website on the details.) All nations need secure borders. The USA had been trying and doing a good enough job, at the time.

The USSA (1/6/2021 start, as mentioned in my 1/24/2021 article) has an open southern border. Come on in! The USSA will house, feed, and cloth you. Your medical and educational needs will be met -- by taxpayer-funded monopoly money! The USSA cares.

Balderdash! The USSA Democrat Socialists simply want more voters, to further water down the constitutional conservative voters. Will conservative states secede from the USSA eventually? I wonder.

The southern border needs to be secured, by any practical means. The USSA needs to get out of the human trafficking business. The USSA needs to stop invading itself -- but that is its plan all along. I wonder how many terrorist groups have entered. They may start their deadly work, in spades, soon.

The Democrat Socialists are advancing their agenda, faster than I thought that they would. I am not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet, but, as anyone with insight can see, the next “progressive” steps will be, not in a particular order: inflation (even more than now), currency devaluation (even more than now), shortages (e.g., gas, about which we know; food, goods, etc), government take over of private corporations, firearm confiscation, further and more comprehensive forced transfer of wealth, elimination of free speech unless authorized (e.g., what “Farcebook,” “Twiddle,” etc. do now), travel restrictions without a permit, closure of churches or turning them into socialist gathering locations, private property confiscation, forced transfer of those who disagree to “education camps,” and so forth. The list could go on.

Of course, the Democrat Socialist model may look more like the European Socialist model, so some of my predictions could be overstated, or maybe not. The former Soviet Union “progressed” in those areas. The USSA is at least 70 years behind the former USSR. The USSA will fall or divide, by conservative state secession. Wait for it, if we're still living.

I am signing off now. I wish that I had not needed to write this article, but it is done -- finally. Tomorrow, I have a chiropractic appointment! Maybe the adjustment will improve my “whatevers” (that started last Sunday) and my mood! We will see. My next article should be more entertaining! I promise.

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